Devs, can we get a damage incentive for long/high leap smashes?


[It seems like there is a chance this already exists in the game. If so, feel free to delete this thread]

There is nothing more fun that landing a giant leap from a spire into the valley below; coming crashing down on a hunter from out of nowhere. However (as far as I know) long or high leaps deal the same amount of damage as short/quick, hard to dodge, leaps.

I know I’d love to see a mechanic where height and/or distance traveled was a factor in total damage done to incentivize setting up ambushes and really use the terrain more often; similar to what you guys did in L4D.

And yes leap smash already does plenty damage, I’m not suggesting an across-the-board buff. I’d like to see high/long smashes do more damage than normal, and quick leaps do less.

Love the game too; this is literally the only way I could enjoy playing Goliath more, he’s super fun.


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I was searching in the extensive guides trying to find damage information about the leap smash but I couldn’t find anything so I’m afraid I’ll give a guess and say no, the leap smash damage might be constant.

I’m assuming this because I once asked the Devs about Kraken Lighting Strike proprieties and they told us that initially the lightning strike would do more damage if you could land the shot right in the center of the explosion and progressively less towards the perimeter.

This ideia was abandon because it could generate some confusion to the new players but also would corrupt the data gathering from matches to balancing porpuses … because for the majority of casual players the skill would underperform but for those real good players it would be super effective, so it’s makes it hard to balance based on different player skills.

For the reasons I mentioned I think Leap Smash suffers the same dilema as the Lightning Strike and I don’t think they will change the mechanic unless they reformulate other AOE abilities as well.

Side note: Could you imagine how much damage could you do If you would climb a cliff in the start of the game and drop a max damage leap smash on the hunter spwans? Oh man … it would be ugly to imagine that! poor hunters xD could turn out to be OP.


[quote=“Mortos, post:1, topic:24368”]
And yes leap smash already does plenty damage, I’m not suggesting an across-the-board buff. I’d like to see high/long smashes do more damage than normal, and quick leaps do less.
[/quote]Whether or not they’ll implement this (if they haven’t already) I think rewarding players for increasing their skill is a good idea in general. This idea sounds like it would make leap smash more fun and interesting … and it just makes common sense to top it off.

Even a modest value nudge could go a long way…lets say:
Max range leap smash does 110% of current damage
Min range leap smash does 90% of current damge


Seems like a neat idea.


Good idea! When you got those perfect pounces right as a hunter, man did it feel good!


Good idea
I dont think we have got this damage per distance option now but it would be good to have it :slight_smile:


Guys it’s not that great, this will offset the balance of the game thurst me I’ve seen this happened in other games.


It sounds nice for the initial attack but then the rest of the fight, when you are up in the hunters face and not hiding, you will have an underpowered attack.


That is actually a really cool idea. I personally would prefer a “long distance” bonus over a “distance scaling” option.

The main reason for this is because in most domes, you are not going to have the distance to get strong leaps in, making scaling a pretty large Goliath nerf. But, if it is a distance bonus, it would most likely apply to large out of dome ambushes when you initiate from a cliff top. It would be one big bonus damage burst that rewards sneaky initiations from elevation. I like it!


I tried to find the response from the Devs, but they mentioned before that they don’t want the damages of abilities to change on anything. They like that everything is constant so you don’t have to worry about certain things. It makes sense in a balance sense. They tried having some AoE skills have different damage based on distance from the impact but in the end they decided to have the constant damage numbers.


That makes a lot of sense, and is probably the best way to go. I still think a long distance initiation bonus would be a neat mechanic, but functionality always has to come first.


Think of it as a bonus in getting the first strike without them seeing you coming :slight_smile:


I’d be on board with extremely long leap smashes adding a bit of damage. But I wouldn’t nerf the leap smash too much for very close range smashes; the skill needs to be usable in pitched battles still.

With the Hunter, you didn’t mind if short distance pounces did a lot of initial damage, as you worked with 3 other special infected and the goal was to incapacitate or distract all 4 survivors…not necessarily do high damage on every move. 2 pounced Survivors, 1 smoked Survivor, and a Survivor being hassled by a puke hoard is game over, no matter the initial damage.


In theory it sounds amazing, but from a balance standpoint, it should stay as it is.


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I dont think it would be unballanced, it would be like the Hunter in l4d … but i think they wont implement this because, if u look at the skills, none of them have ANY extra effect or damage modifier, leap, throw, charge, lightning, vortex: they all damage and push players, banshee is kinda unique till now, since its like a trap, aftershock only damages and fire breath pu ppl on fire, but as u can see, they are going as simple as it can be


Yeah, I’m with @Essen, I think it makes sense as the devs have suggested that damage is damage, and that “skill” (or luck) doesn’t create confusion and imbalance.


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