@Devs, Can I use the Behemoth Trailer?


I want to make a parody using the trailer, kind of like a music video…would it be okay to use the Behemoth trailer and post it on my page?


Indiana Jones :stuck_out_tongue:


Can’t stop the Rock song :stuck_out_tongue:


Neither of you are close…You’ll see when I get approval :wink:


I Wanna Rock?

Can’t Stop the Rock?

Rock You Like a Hurricane?

Rock and Roll All Nite?


Don’t tell me you gonna do a Sonic parody video.


There you go:


Am I the only person who really doesn’t like Indiana Jones? It was just on TV yesterday or the day prior and I’m just like…please change the channel…


Tan tan ra tannnnn! Tan ta rahhh!


I don’t really care either way for Indy. I’d watch the movies if they involved Kirby though!


And all the women he’s with just scream and scream and high pitched…uuuughh.