DEVS! Any news on Behemoth?!


Now, Im not looking for anything really specific here, but I would love to know how you guys are coming along with this rework of Behemoth that keeping him out of the shop. And, if possible, could I get an estimated re-release date?


Everything they are fixing on Bob is in there. I don’t think devs have given ETA or revealed what the passive ability is.


There’s no rework being done. Behemoth is currently suffering from a whole slew of bugs and to provide the best possible experience they’re preventing players from wasting keys on a character that will provide a bug filled experience.

The only addition to Behemoth being made is a passive; beyond that no rework at all. He’s being fixed and is down for maintenance.


No passive ability release information.
They’ve said he’s being worked on and will be available in a few weeks. Not months.


well i hope he will be available soon because i want to play him really bad :frowning:


Mostly I want to know because I dont know if I should be saving Keys right now for him, or spending them on other things. For example, if he were to come out tomorrow, I would like to be able to buy him then because I have held onto those Keys. But if he is coming out in literal weeks, then I can spend those Keys on other things while I wait.

P.S. How much will he cost when he is released?


Probably really close to the same price as Gorgon.


That doesn’t make sense, I fought a Behemoth earlier so some people can clearly play him? Hell, he had a prime skin as Behemoth.


Only Founders can currently use Behemoth.