Devs and Community Interaction


Can I just take a moment to say probably one of my favourite things about Evolve and Turtle Rock is the way they interact with the community. Constant updates on whatever is going on with the game, answering questions people ask. I have never seen this level of interaction with fans from a game developer and its awesome.


Exactly how I felt, when I first joined the forums.

@MacMan is the one who got me to stay. I was just going to stay for a few days, and get back to playing Evolve. But the fact he responded so quickly, made me want to stay.

Thanks MacMan, love the community. ^.^


@SlabOMeat was the guy for me XD I think it’s okay to say now, but I was being a positive influence way back before the Big Alpha started and he took notice and sent me a Big Alpha code, telling me it was in thanks for keeping things positive.

It’s great to see developers actually look at the forums as a source of feedback and support rather than a horrible entity filled with bugs and complaints. This is the only game forum I know of that really is a community.


I agree. I was impressed yesterday when @SlabOMeat took time to respond to a player’s frustrations with sympathy and respect. And @MacMan fielding near constant requests for data from the community is excellent as well.


This is the precedent for games. This is how it should always be you make a good product, we buy it and you follow up on the service by interacting with your customers on the forums. (Much like car salesman will keep in touch after the sale.) People remember these things and it keeps them coming back/supporting the game. Initially i wasnt intrested in the game because of the dlc pricing model, but after seeing the events they do weekly or bi weekly the community interaction and how they try to make the dlc as optional as possible so that your multiplayer experience isnt as divided as it is in other games, i found myself supporting this game fully. So shout out to @slabomeat @macman


Agreed, the transparency that TRS provides around here is awesome. Love that they try to keep their fans in the loop as much as possible!


It’s rare for a development team to do this, go on the Activision or Ubisoft forums and I can’t recall their staff members taking a time out to respond to fans on the forums. So yes, it’s much appreciated keeping the fans updated TRS rather than being all silent.


Same story here bruh! Gotta thank him for Big Alpha code. :smile:


ive never seen a dev post anything he didnt had to post till i got evolve



Agreed. I’ve played games with great transparency and great community managers, but seeing the devs on here so often answering questions and things is awesome. Some gaming communities are really toxic and this one is quite friendly and refreshing.