Devs, a question: Why make these design choices?


A couple of things really don’t make any sense. I’m really looking for some dev clarification, I’m just curious as to why these choices were made. @MacMan @SlabOMeat.

First off, Bucket’s Guided Missile Launcher. The GML, as it were.

Look at the other Supports. Hank is very defence oriented, with shields and area denial barrages. Sunny is somewhat defence oriented and also augments the other hunters with Jetpack Boosting. Cabot is offensive, but his Amp accounts for most of this. Bucket is meant to be the pure DPS Support. And yet…well. Look at their weapons:

Railcannon! Excellent single shot damage, fast rate of fire, no reload, hitscan, can headshot. Goes through walls.

Laser Cutter! Pinpoint accuracy, fast rate of fire, excellent damage, benefits from headshots and weakpoints. Amazing weapon. Supremely quick recharge and huge clip.

Mininuke. Need I elaborate? AOE, extreme single shot damage, decent reload.

GML. AOE, yes, but doesn’t benefit from weakpoints. Fires very slow moving projectiles. Difficult to land on a moving target. Do pathetic damage per hit. Four missiles per clip. VERY long reload.

Why? Bucket is pure DPS. Yes most of that is from turrets but the Amp and the Mininuke alone outdo those. SO why is his weapon so pathetic?

And then, moving onto my favorite Medic, Val:

Val has single target healing. Caira has group healing. Why does Caira’s healing out do that of Val? Would it not make more sense for Val to heal a single target very quickly and Caira to heal multiple targets more slowly? Why is the Medgun so weak? I love this Medic, I think with a half decent team she outdoes the other two, but why do you disadvantage her like this?

If you guys can answer I’d appreciate it. :slight_smile:


I agree, his weapon feels like a joke to me. : /


It just doesn’t make sense. Sunny’s gun is great damage. Hank’s too, very versatile and reliable. Railcannon is still very good. GML? Bucket is meant to be the DPS Support. That’s what he was designed as. So why does his weapon do such little damage? And why four shots per mag, why the long reload time? Why are they so slow and hard to land against a good Monster?


no caira is the pure healer.

val is the hybrid so even that val can only heal single target she should not heal faster then caira


No, Caira is multi-target AOE healer. She can sustain multiple team mates well. Val is burst healing- her kit is designed around burst healing. If not faster than Caira, still much faster than she does now.


I’ve noticed these since quite long ago and am also very curious as well. There are probably a few other design issues that I’ve wondered about before but unable to recall now. Really appreciate if devs could provide insights.


I’m sure they have a good reason for all these things, I just would like to know what. :slight_smile: If they don’t, which I doubt, well, change is always good. :wink:


[quote=“MidnightRoses, post:1, topic:52444”]
Yes most of that is from turrets but the Amp and the Mininuke alone outdo those.
[/quote] I wouldn’t say the damage amp alone outdo the turets. The average seems to be around 3k damage with the amp. With the turrets I usually do around 5k. However, I do around 3k with Lazarus in a short game, so something is seriously wrong with the turrets. Even with Hank during rounds I am forced to stay on the shield during most of the match I still do around 5k with the Laser cutter. And of course, Cabot’s rail cannon still do a lot more damage than Bucket’s turrets, with only a small percentage of the effort.


I’ve done upwards of 20k on turrets. However with a good Monster, by the time you set those turrets up- IF you can set them up- he’s gone. They take way too long to set up to be useful against competitive players.


I have to disagree. Val is all about, slow but reliable healing. Caira is both an AEO and burst healer. Her grenades offer a sudden burst of healing, while Val’s is slow but (almost) always there.


And Caira will land most of those heal nades for fantastic healing. I once outhealed a Stage 2 Kraken in a cave fight on Barracks against @Eros_SchindlersFist and nobody died. At all. Caira’s healing is right now more consistent and more powerful. Which I do not understand, she’s geared for sustained healing. Val is meant to be burst- quick heal up and then tranq and snipe. Right now it’s fit in regular tranqs and maybe a weakspot if you’re lucky and just stay on the Medgun 24/7.


The thing with Val and Caira didn’t make sense to me either for awhile but then I think macman said something about why that is. Caira I guess used to have weaker healing as a trade off for group healing but then they had to buff her healing so that she could actually keep up with damage output when only 1 person is being hit. Val on the other hand can’t have too good of single target healing because if she does the monster can’t kill anyone. I think it’s a hard problem to solve because you don’t want Caira to suck and you don’t want Val to be OP but you also don’t want Caira to just always basically be better than Val.


I’m considering an average game. We usually end the monster at stage 2. Some maps, like barracks, you can do crazy ammount of damage because it is somewhat easy to get the monster in range of all five turrets on the relay.

I have to disagree… somewhat. The turrets are very weak if the monster decide to hide around, like they often do when you catch them at stage 1, that is true. However, if the monster choose to commit, I often have more than enough time to place the turrets. But then again, yes, as soon as the monster decide he/she does not want to fight, like a stage 1 or a monster without armor, the turrets become near useless. Sure, you can spread them out, but a single turret only do about half the damage your launcher do, and that is pretty useless.


Even when the Monster commits to a fight, it isn’t always in a location where all five turrets can attack him at once. And it takes a second and one attack like AS or FB and half of them are gone. Then you have to put them back, reposition them, forsaking missile damage, and it’s just a waste.


Cairas main thing is to heal. Val, not so much. You keep those tranqs on a monster 24/7 it sure makes up for her healing capabilities alone as it negates a lot of damage that the hunters would have otherwise received, as well as making it easier for the rest of the team to burn through the armor. Best defense is a good offense as they say. :wink:

Totally and completely agree that bucket made little sense. Haven’t actually played Bucket for a while, but it looks like people still dislike using him. (Which is sad because he’s so fun to play IMO)


My wording may hit me in the back. Healing is still top priority as Val. No doubt about that.


This relies on the fact that my team knows how to kite. WHICH THEY DON’T. :stuck_out_tongue: If Caira has a team that can kite, they’ll be amazing. Val, less so. It simply doesn’t make sense that Val’s healing is this slow.


Yes, I think it is strange that the character with the strongest healing is also the one that can heal multiple people. And her grenades are very easy to hit, almost as easy as using the medgun. Even easier if they are grouped up because of the medgun’s strange lockon priority.

Caira can outheal a stage 1, which is actually unfair. The trapper domed me while he was alone, so I knock him into a corner and kept beating him and spamming my abilities. But Caira made it in time and undid all the damage. It’s messed up.


Bucket rockets do hurt a lot, yet they are frickin hard to land and have an unbearable reload time. That is the whole problem. Their damage is fine where it is, but they should move a lot faster (at least they should be able to hit a kraken that moves away) and they should have 6 in the mag in my oppinion.


Someone make a video showing the impact of a rocket. It’s pathetic.

Compare it to Cabot.

Cabot’s gun is hitscan. It’s easy to aim. No reload, fast rate of fire. It. Goes. Through. WALLS. >.<

Bucket’s gun? It has four shots and a huge reload. It is extremely slow firing. The projectiles, even slower. They have to be aimed carefully. They do less damage than a Railcannon shot.



That is how you are supposed to play him, I think. I got the feeling his launcher is supposed to be weak. I think it’s mostly there so Bucket can kill wildlife and depouche people. Kinda like Caira’s napalm grenades. However, her launcher got some utility, since it can set the monster on fire.

Since two turrets do more damage than Bucket’s rocket launcher, I am always replacing the sentries. I only bother with the launcher when the monster is distracted at a single target and the turrets are safe.