Devs, A Little Explaination On Cabot?

I’d argue that Bucket with Leadership+Command and liberal use of Mechanized Recharge is actually more of the “Support Survive” type.

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Cabot’s Shield Burst is pretty garbage. Use it when you can because it does contribute, but your main defence is- you guessed it- a good offence.

Hank is tough because he makes it harder to kill, Cabot’s tough because he effectively puts a timebomb on you and you’ve got very little time to get a down before it’s considerable health damage.

While a buff to his Shield Burst, especially for self defence, would be nice, he’s not bad at all as it stands.


The reason Cabot isn’t viable in pubs is because every pub Medic player is shit at dodging and can’t even survive for 5 seconds without a crutch Hank or Sunny on the team.

And then you have your pub Assault whose damage output is trash and it’ll take him/her forever to drain the Amplifier’s default capacity.

And finally there’s pub Cabot who won’t pay any attention to the Assault whatsoever and just turn the damn Amplifier on whenever the Assault is reloading or dead.

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Some people say in this thread that to make Cabot work you need a good medic that keeps up the heals. This is not true. To make Cabot work you need a good Assault. Time is the thing you are trading with Cabot, and if your assault is not putting damage in, if he’s off planting mines around the back of some spire, or taking time out to try and revive your trapper, then you’re going to lose.

If Cabot and the Assault don’t work together, it doesn’t matter how good at healing your medic is (and I guess this is why Cabot and Laz comps can end up being popular!)


You forgot pub Trapper who never contributes damage and has poor timing with CC. [quote=“niaccurshi, post:21, topic:100452”]
Some people say in this thread that to make Cabot work you need a good medic that keeps up the heals. This is not true. To make Cabot work you need a good Assault. T

I’d say you need both.

You definitely, definitely need a good Assault, yes, but you also need a good Medic because without shields or the booster most Medics will crumble, pretty hard. Your Medic needs to be good enough to be able to keep themselves going without a crutch Support.

So much this. Many times I had a situation where the monster stayed just a tiny little bit too long on a downed medic’s body and ate a full bar of HP from Cabot + Lennox combo.

Cabot’s not about making hunters healthy, it’s about making monster miserable.

I’ve had games where the monster has focused the medic all game and it’s really not dented the teams chances, so I guess it does depend on a whole bunch of situations, but I believe that the only time you need a good medic is if the monster is focusing support, which tbh is the same situation as any other team comp :slight_smile:

Cabot is actually pretty strong right now. Measured by win rate, he is my team’s strongest support right now. ^^

The thing is, A) you need an assault that pushes out damage quickly (Parnell/Markov are always a good choice) and B) everyone on your team needs some dodging skills. You can’t rely on medic or support to save you.
You can’t prevent strikes with a Cabot comp. But you make the monster pay dearly for every strike.

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I’ll say bucket is defense material, but because he works best at a secure location

as a cabot main, i can see what you mean with the shield, but as explained before, cabot assists with damage rather than survival, buffing his shield would make him almost unstoppable unless he is focused by the monster. plus if you play him with a team that has good dodge skill/perks (overthrusters) there would be little need for shields

I agree that the shield decay on cabot is a disaster but bear in mind that like kala, cabot is an offensive support with the ability to just rack up SO SO much damage. in exchange for this the teams durability is impaired a bit.
cabot is almost like a mix between support, assault and trapper. he can dust-tag, allowing you to take trappers that are generally worse at tracking but better in combat, and his main gun synegrizes with the dust tag, allowing him to continuously build pressure on the monster.
this is why comps matter, with cabot you might want to pick a trapper with more defensive abilities (jack, even Egriff/griffin can be used defensively) as well as basic medic (the kind of medic that doesn’t require a comp around it to work well, examples: val, emet, caira).
In general, with offensive supports (cabot, kala and bucket even) your team needs to complement their abilities.

it takes tons of time but eventually you learn what works really well with each other.

I’d like to throw in that Lazarus and Cabot work well together, due to the damage Laz can deal as well as Cabot’s “Punish for camping on a body” capability. Though it might not be the optimal pairing.

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They should give him a different ability.A support based around offense is not good with a meager 1 hit protective shield

I went and checked the last few patch notes, from 2.07 down to 2.03, and 2.03 was the last time they changed his values.

These are his current values for Damage Amp and Self Shield Burst.

I could not find what he does for team-shield on the Burst.

That’s enough shield burst to take a full Rock Throw, however.

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I believe all supports shield burst, but they do give different values to themselves compared to others in some cases.

Reference (old values):

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Bucket can be use for both types your right. Most of the people i see with Bucket use reload for the mechanized recharge, damage for supporting damage, or class cooldown for shields. In Legacy, Bucket was good with any perk really. The same can still be said today (for the most part). That is why i have always loved Bucket you can utilize him in so many ways.

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Love that last statement you made. strikes x damage done to monster = Cabot comp, so true.

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kala is 550 now from the last update

Yeah I think the quote was numbers they were using either at launch or just before

Jesus, not this “offensive support sux at defense, buff him” bullshit again.

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