Devs, A Little Explaination On Cabot?


I like Cabot, I really do. I play him a lot in Co-Op or Customs but why only there? Because he’s not a viable protector with his Shield Burst. He could easily push the Monster off a teammate but what about pushing the Monster off himself?

The Shield Burst is what people would mostly use in order to protect himself or his teammates.

But the Shield Burst gives little to none Shield Units and it runs down SO freaking fast! It also has a long CD Time which makes Cabot even more less viable to protecting.

My suggestions are to Increase the Shield or Decrease the Decay Rate or Decrease the Cooldown

Thank you :slight_smile:

Possible "fix" to Cabot? (Warning: It's probably stupid as all hell)

is he broken? why does he need a buff?

why should he be? that´s hanks job. Cabot is an offensive support, this he does splendid and he is far more dangerous than any other support right now.


He’s bad at Shielding himself or his teammates

Actually it’s all the Support’s jobs, I’m talking about the Shield Burst…not the projector.


yup. it shields a hit. why is that not enough? why does he need to be better at defense? isn´t he viable as he is?


It’s not all the supports jobs, they’re just supposed to support in different ways. Hank, THank, and Sunny do shields, Kala, Cabot and Bucket do offense. Originally support didn’t even have the shield as an ability, they had a short cloak to escape. This shield isn’t what their class is built around so each character doesn’t need it to be viable.


One melee hit? There are 4 other Abilities (I know that you know this)

He’s pretty much like Hank, if the Support is ignored, you are going to win the game. Hank can actually shield himself and protect himself pretty well! Orbital the Monsters and put your shield up!

All Cabot does it shield a MELEE hit, with a super fast decay that won’t work unless perfect timing is made.

So like Hank, if you Shield the teammate, your going to be attacked and there is something you can do about it

Cabot on the other hand can amplify 400 Damage before being attacked until death


sounds ok to me. another mystery solved \o/


There are 2 different types of supports: supporting survive (Hank, Tech Hank, and Sunny) and supporting damage (Bucket, Cabot, and Kala). Hank, Tech Hank, and Sunny’s jobs are to make sure the team last longer by supporting them with shields, jetpack boost or orbital (to stop the monster focusing a target or get punished). Bucket, Cabot and Kala’s jobs are to help the team kill the monster faster by supporting damage amp, turrets, and armor reducer so the fight can end quicker. So it comes down to your team’s comp., is your team all for killing the monster fast or lasting as long as possible?


Buckets shield burst quite strong, and he can quickly apply it twice. Which makes him more valuable than Tech Hank for shielding. Plus it also recharge skill on other hunters. Defensive matrix, healing burst and especially healing field on rogue val. Thats most painful combo. Double shield from bucket, and than double heal. You know that you need kill her as monster, but that pretty much could be your demise.


Using an offensive support is more viable with a good healer in the team, Val for example. And you’re just ignoring the fact that a good player will dodge and kite the monster. Obviously he’s a bit more exposed, but this do not make him unplayable.

Didn’t understand that 400 dmg. He amplifies all dmg to 80% if i’m not mistaken though x-x"

Hank and Cabot alone has almost the same chance to survive while being focused, Hank’s shield burst is more powerful but something like that won’t keep him alive all time, lol. The factor that will decide if they’ll live more or less while being focused are the medic and the dodge skill of the player, not his shield burst.


So, the thing with Cabot specifically is that he can use his damage amplifier to great effect with enough competence to be able to let your assault know that damage amp is about to go up. With certain assaults, the effects can be far more than just 400 damage. Also, a single melee is not usually enough to get rid of the shield entirely in almost every situation that I am aware of, speaking from personal experience as the monster. Usually, you need to string together multiple abilities to have a chance of downing any individual, let alone one that can create a shield for around 500 (I believe that is the quantity that the support can shield for). If your medic is leaving you unattended and you aren’t properly evading monster skill attacks or maneuvering around cover elements such as pillars, rocks, or buildings, then most likely you will go down. That’s the manner of it, and part of the area of expertise that Hunters need to practice at in order to master their role.

The main issue with if you wanted to buff Cabot, and I realize that this isn’t necessarily fair to assume or base an entire series of potential buffs and such with logic like this, is that in certain Hunter compositions he would become a menace. As is, he’s one of the types of supports that favors a mid-range combat role and often needs to avoid the monster in direct confrontation. Most Hunter’s will, and should, take a strike from being focused down by the monster in a Stage One dome. The difference being how much damage you inflict on the monster back for that strike he gained.

I don’t think I directly answered your original post, unfortunately, as I am not a Dev. But they may as of yet change some of the statistics of the max shield, or the decay rate, or the cooldown of certain Supports. If it turns out that certain Hunters aren’t being played because they’re too weak, they’ll buff them. If they’re too strong, they’ll nerf them. Any host of changes could happen, inclusive of the Monsters, though admittedly there is still somewhat of a bias towards Hunter victories. At least, there was. I don’t know the numbers as of this patch.


The Amp only lasts when so much damage has been done to the Monster but soaking up that + 80% damage :wink:

I’m not saying it’s exactly 400 Damage, I just said that for when it the Monster starts to focus down Cabot

I wrote down Self Shield 625 Units although I know it’s less than Hanks which is 545 Units. So it was changed definitely

No, but thank you for your time of the debate :slight_smile:

I get I’m not the best or the smartest Support/Cabot but he doesn’t need a buff in the shield whether big or small something needs to be done IMO


Ah, I wasn’t sure what the specific number for Cabot is. But, hopefully they’ll work on balancing out a few things anyways man. I get the frustration sometimes. Though, I usually play Monster as Random role, so I’m on the other side of the fence sometimes. xD


cabot is a great support just need a good team to go with it


With the amplifier, Cabot is always a good offensive support.
His rail gun is nerfed too much for a offensive character.


[quote=“Ryaneko, post:2, topic:100452”]
Cabot is an offensive support,
[/quote]Well, he would be if they didn’t keep nerfing his offensive capabilities, none of which have actually been needed after the initial reining-in of his Rail Cannon.


The entire point of Cabot is that Hunters trade strikes for HP damage on the monster.

If the hunters are playing particularly well or the monster particularly poorly, they get their damage and the monster has to run away before it has the chance to get a down in order to avoid eating even more amped damage. In the even case, generally Cabot or his medic will go down, the monster escapes the dome and eats some more chip on the chase. If the monster’s dominating, the same thing happens as always, but faster.

Of course Cabot shines best in fights where hunters hold the dome or at the relay, when he can potentially amp damage on the monster’s health bar. Mainly though, the longer Cabot stays up and amping, the less time the monster will have to do anything but die.


I’d argue that Bucket with Leadership+Command and liberal use of Mechanized Recharge is actually more of the “Support Survive” type.


Cabot’s Shield Burst is pretty garbage. Use it when you can because it does contribute, but your main defence is- you guessed it- a good offence.

Hank is tough because he makes it harder to kill, Cabot’s tough because he effectively puts a timebomb on you and you’ve got very little time to get a down before it’s considerable health damage.

While a buff to his Shield Burst, especially for self defence, would be nice, he’s not bad at all as it stands.


The reason Cabot isn’t viable in pubs is because every pub Medic player is shit at dodging and can’t even survive for 5 seconds without a crutch Hank or Sunny on the team.

And then you have your pub Assault whose damage output is trash and it’ll take him/her forever to drain the Amplifier’s default capacity.

And finally there’s pub Cabot who won’t pay any attention to the Assault whatsoever and just turn the damn Amplifier on whenever the Assault is reloading or dead.