DEVICE_HUNG errors cost my team the tournament


So in the first game me and one of the enemy’s team members got the DEVICE_HUNG error. After that we get in the game and I’m just toying with them and winning and then I go to evolve and then another DEVICE_HUNG error. I join back in where they did like 2.7 health bars of damage to the bot (cause bots sucks) and I still took it over and managed to get full armor and come back at stage 3 and won the match. So we go into our second match and after attacking a mammoth bird , DEVICE_HUNG error again. The enemy team called it off and apparently they won even though I didn’t have a starting chance to go against them in the second round. I’m seriously getting sick of this crap like come on…


Not had this one before. : /


Which monster was used?


This is at least the fifth time you’ve mentioned about the device hung errors. Please stop creating threads over and over about the same thing. I’m closing this. Stick to your original thread if you feel the need to update us.


If there are such issues with the game it shouldn’t be counted as a loss or win for anyone.

That is completely unfair and is quite frankly bullshit…

Just like how the team that had me substituting as their monster doesn’t count because I wasn’t an “official” substitute. Who gives a damn? A player is a player and as long as the player doesn’t break any rules in-game it should be fine… but no… enemy team gets their ass handed to them and they call foul yet if they would have won guarantee they would have let it count.