DEVICE_HUNG error is so bad your game isn't playable anymore


So I’ve tried numerous drivers, managing as many settings (in game and in nvidia) in as many combinations as possible, I sent a ticket to 2K long ago about this same issue, and nothing it working. Before the patch, at least the errors were manageable where I could delay them to let me play at least one full game, but now I can’t play a single fucking (venting) game now. I don’t know what you guys did to make the patch, but I’m sorry to say ya messed up big time especially since I’m not the only one who’s been getting worse performance after the patch.

Where does the DEVICE_HUNG error guy live?

I had this problem in the first weeks but I don’t have it anymore since the first patch.

What is your video card ?

Just asking, maybe you did it, but did you try to instal Display Driver Uninstaller, to clearly uninstal Nvidia drivers, and the instal new drivers in safe mode ?


No I haven’t. How do you start up in safe mode? Let alone install something lol


When you’ll launch DDU (DisplayDriverUninstaler) it will ask you if you want to uninstal and then restart in safe mode. If you are on Windows 8 it’ll open a windows then you’ll have to find the Safe mode starting.

If you don’t find it, here is some tips :


It says I should make a backup. Should I do it? Will it cause harm to my PC?


Also should I check the 3rd box and have all of them checked? Or just do its default way?


Let me check that.

And no you don’t have to backup, I never had any problem with it


Alright. Just let me know


Are you on Windows 8 ?



10 chars


8.1 to be exact


I’m also already in safemode with networking. Should I get into regular safemode? Or does it really matter?


The new version now do not requierd anything special to boot in safe mod, that’s great.

Before starting, download your drivers from the Nvidia website.

  • Right after, just download DDU here

  • Then extrat the files.

  • Open Display Driver Uninstaller.exe file.

  • It’ll ask you if you want to boot in Safe mod, say yes.

  • You’ll restart in safe mode. (networking or not it does not matter)

  • DDU will opens automaticly

  • Choose Nvidia Graphic Driver

  • Clic on “Clean & restart”

  • It’ll remove your drivers very cleanly.

  • Don’t worry about your resolution, your display gonna be very big. That’s normal.

  • If you are not in Safe mod when it has restarted, launch again DDU to start in safe mode.

  • So now you are again in safe mode but driver are already cleaned.

  • Close DDU and instal the drivers you freshly downloaded from the Nvidia Website.

  • When instal is finished. Just restart normaly.

I’ll add somethings to do after :

  • Go on your Evolve files X:\program\steam\steamapps\common\evolvegame_Commonredist\ DirectX `Jun2010 and re instal it with the DXSETUP.exe

  • Go on your evolve files again X:\program\steam\steamapps\common\evolvegame_Commonredist\ vcredist and try to instal everything you can in the 2010 and 2012 files.


Ok so how do I reinstall everything in the 2010 and 2012 files?


Just open the .exe files.

I guess you won’t be able to instal them all because it depends if you are on a Windows 32 or 64bits system (x64 and x86)

But you can try to, there is no risk.


I’ll definitely try. I still need to go back into safemode to install the drivers I downloaded. Thanks for your help man :slight_smile: I hope it works ;-;


You’re welcome ! We can try other solutions if you get this error again. Don’t hesite to contact me, by replying here and contact me via private messages.