Developing a 2nd Monster


So I’m a pretty good wraith player, definently not pro or anything, but I can handle most silver players I play. However, wraith suffers a lot against teams with Sunny or Hank, probably more so than all monsters but gorgon. Hyde and wasteland Maggie also limit my use of decoy. Because of the overuse of all characters I just listed, I’m trying to learn a second monster.

When I say learn, I mean get it to around a level where I can beat silver masters with it. I can already beat bronze with any monster except gorgon, which I don’t have. That isn’t me trying to brag, frankly anyone who plays monster should be able to handle bronze hunters. I’m looking for a non OG Kraken monster to learn that I can beat good teams with when Im not using wraith. No kraken because I’m tired of hearing people whine about how OP he is. I totally agree. A good kraken can get someone down regardless of skill level. I want a monster that gives the other team a chance.

So…what monster should I learn?


Then you’re at a loss if you refuse to use the most balanced Monster :confused:


Do you want me to delete that part it’s off topic. But if you don’t think so I’ll defend it.


If I’m being honest, you’ll be at a disadvantage with just about any monster you pick besides Kraken. That being said, if you like a highly mobile brawler I’d go with the Goliath. If you prefer a monster that works kinda like an artillery piece, go Behemoth. I main Bob and LOVE it! Takes some practice to beat silver’s reliablely, but it has a high skill ceiling.


Try giving elder kraken a try.
It plays almost completely differently than kraken and you get to death spiral hunters through walls.


I got to admit- I find your insistence on calling kraken “the most balanced” -every- chance you get questionable lol :slight_smile: . Especially when one of the most known competitive kraken players himself, calls kraken OP. Along with a HUGE portion of the rest of the competitive community.


Some people just don’t want their win button to be taken away, lol.