Developers should spend more time making characters likable when making games


From my POV, I think making characters likable is important in game development, and I think it could attract more people in the game a developer is making. Most nowadays games has forgettable characters, especially FPS games (I’m a die hard fan of FPS BTW), and that is not a good thing.

Honestly, Some games I would never come across if they had forgettable characters.
In my case, Ness was a very likable character when I saw him when I played Smash Bros. and that is what made my buy, or even interested to look what EarthBound is.


i like goliath, he is cuddly



How can you not like THESE?


Game of thrones showed us that characters we hate make us watch too.
Yeah I can not really find character that I like in this game . They are all too friendly.
I like Caira’s looks or Cabot’s voice-over. But I miss someone really cold.
Lack of lore does not help us to relate to any character either.
Swearing is childish not manly so I can not really take some characters seriously
Especially hide that carved “IM THE FUCKIN KING!” on his flamethrower. 101% cringe

On monsters side I love to play Gorgon but she is not very interesting.
I find wraith to be most interesting of all monsters.

I really liked Half-Life MC and G-MAN because we receive only little pieces about them but pieces that make us curious


The characters in Evolve are one of my favourite features. They are all so interesting.


I didn’t say I don’t like Evolve’s characters (I like some and dislike some), I just said that about overall companies.


Truer words were never spoken, Hyde is like a 6-year-old spoiled brat who happens to be in a body of a
40-year-old man. His weapons are good, but his personality is by far my LEAST favorite in Evolve


There’s a dropship conversation between laz and jack in which laz explains to jack that the lazarus device fries your brain, and appareantly that’s what happened to hyde.

So in case you’re wondering why Hyde is like a kid, there’s why.


Laz was just joking though.


Was he?
I just played a game and he appareantly says the same thing to hank.
but it only melts your brain after hundreds of uses lol


I agree. That’s why I love Evolve. Every character is likeable. Except Parnell. Parnell is boring.


If you mean to make the character’s looks to be more appealing,i agreed.Just look at overwatch,you add a bunch of big booty female with distinct places’s look and voilà, profit.
Currently most of the female on Evolve look a little too manly (pointing at v…)
I know the TRS are trying to do different than the game’s industry ,im not saying this is bad,but on a side note this may be why TRS miss lot’s of game standard when it’s 1st release (this lead to me bashing TRS not being professional)
I’m not asking for sex appeal,just make they face more female and less man,and prettier
As for personality wise.I enjoy most of them.Hyde is a hillbilly,Laz is mad Surgeon,Jack is a kid and so on…

Should we change this to suggestion ?,or this is just a simple rant ?


[quote=“Alucard_Shadow, post:5, topic:100707”]
Swearing is childish not manly so I can not really take some characters seriously
[/quote]You know that when someone writes a character that curses a lot it’s typically not being done to make a character seem “manly” or anything right?

Given Hyde’s reaction to Emet during their dropship convo it’s likely that his upbringing was taken into consideration when his lines were written.

Wouldn’t be the first time, either. NieR actually did a good job of explaining why Kainé swore like a sailor. The majority of the time it’s best to think that there are reasons behind a character cursing a lot rather than just assuming that it’s to make them seem “cool” or something.


He also carved in his MiniGun GOLDIE


But what about Pretty Princess Parnell skin?


I agree. What about it?


I like using Parnell when using that skin.
Why is it you don’t like Parnell?
u wacist?hehe jk :stuck_out_tongue:


He’s sensible. Out of place in Shear.


For me, he’s just like a generic marine in starcraft.
I also don’t how his weapon sound.
Sounds a bit off and weird.