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Yes. He does.


I might be wrong, but that’s the goal of nearly every pvp game. You have no HP, you die.
Btw, the game has perks that heal you if you incap someone.


Hi @Suirad75

Even though the monster cannot regain health, he does have a rather large health pool that increases every-time you evolve. On top of that, even though he cannot get his health back (except with certain perks), know that he can easily regain his armour if given the opportunity.

It is important as the monster to consider this:

  1. WHERE to engage.
  2. WHO to engage.
  3. WHEN to stop and retreat.

The WHERE means to look for a favorable area to engage the opposing team. You want to look for a place that has the least possible means for kiting (term used to describe Hunters evading monster actions by jumping on objects, climb on objects, run around objects).

The WHO means to only focus a SINGLE hunter that is giving you the most trouble. THIS requires knowledge of each Hunter and what they do. Most of the time you will focus on either the Support or Medic. After all, with the support or medic weakened, the team in general will be more vulnerable.

WHEN is also very important. Sometimes, or perhaps a lot of times, an engagement is not going in your favor and you are not making a dent. In that case it might be wise to try and regain armour to avoid losing more health. Run to the other side of the dome and find a hiding spot. Crouch and remain still so your armour bar regenerates. Bad hunter teams will follow you as a team, so you can easily traverse from one side of the dome to the other side until your armour bar is replenished. At that point, you can easily wait for them to come to you, burn their jet fuel and re-engage.

I’m sure many people can provide you with gameplay videos from past tournaments or even their experiences in general, as that might be helpful as well to know more about the tricks and trade of being a Monster.

Hope it helped!


Thx DarkKlastez i know who to engage first, healer is the most important to get before the others humans and its hard to retreat with the Dome


Well it largely depends on the team composition. For example, there is no point going after Rogue Val, since she has such a large heal burst. However, her healing is spread out, making the support a better choice to tackle.

In some scenarios, it might even be better to try and attempt to cut off the trapper and get him down first. For example, you might be chasing the support or medic, but if the trapper is causing you the most trouble, then it might be more interesting to go after him/her first.

It really depends on the team comp, how experienced each hunter is and how well they communicate. Fighting a well organized team is the most stressful thing for a monster, but at the same time, nothing is more frustrating for a hunter team than a bad apple in the group who decides to do things differently.


I think support is usually a better first target than medic.

@DarKastlez since you brought up R.Val, one strategy to deal with her is to focus her first until she uses her heal burst. It’s then easier to take out another hunter since her passive heal is gone while HB is on cool down.


That’s really dependent on the Support and Medic. Kala isn’t an issue usually. Neither is Tech Hank. Not sure about Battle Cabot.


Mate, imma tell you a secret and it’s pretty fucking scumbag, but use the health the Regen perk until uou feel comfortable as monster. Most of the hunters paying that aren’t new, are long term players. So it’s pretty fair imo.


Going for medic first isnt necessarily a “bad” idea, and definitely worth it if the opportunity arises. But going after them first is a very rudimentary entry level tactic-

Depending on the comp- Support is actually often the most important to get ticks against.

Theyre often the “Weak link” in their comp- And often the easiest to get down to begin with. While at the same time they often strongly enable their team to deal damage to you. Either directly, as with cabot- Or indirectly, but dramatically extending how long it takes to down anyone else. Sunny is an amazing example here as she can not only directly shield people with her drone, shell indirectly “shield” them by having the drone take abilities to destroy, shell also directly prevent damage by moving people away from you and having them dodge your abilities, shell also throw the assault at you keeping them close so they can keep doing more damage the entire time.

This is why youd go after sunny- She cant jetpack herself. Her self shield is small, and as long as you keep your AoE abilities “at the ready” for when she throws her drone, which has a short toss range now, youll help ensure you take out both the drone AND hit sunny at the same time.

When you have a good medic with a good sunny- itll be almost impossible to down the medic because of all of the above. Sunny is the “least protected” member of the team, and crippling her first means in the later fights you can straight up delete her first- making the rest of the team crumble easier.


Of course it is. It’s also dependent on positioning. It’s also dependent on everyone’s current health. It’s also dependent on everyone’s strike count. It’s also dependent on everyone’s skill level. That’s why I said ‘usually’ and not ‘always’.


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My friend in my whole Evolve “career” between legacy and stage 2 my monster win % is 73% to my hunters 57% with 1600 hrs on legacy and 300 stage 2 and have many friends with 2500-4000 hrs who about the same so you can win with monster and definitely on stage 2.


It’s nice, isn’t it? I have one for every hunter. Someone made them a longggg time ago.



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Can’t find it, but here’s this.


I didn’t see Xplo mention Meteor Goliath, so I guess I’ll say some things about our lord and savior.

Meteor Goliath is similar to Goliath, but a bit weaker. If you play him like you do Goliath, you shouldn’t have that hard of a time (it’ll take a little bit more damage to down Hunters). Meteor’s playstyle does involve spreading out your DOT. Instead of hard focusing one Hunter, you hit different ones with your abilities. Like you hit Support with a Rock and Charge, you Leap Smash the Medic, and you use your Fire Breath to hit the entire team. You’re trying to inflict enough DOT to overwhelm the medic’s healing.


I think normal golly can do what molly does but he has a bit more room to go from attacking a group of hunters to taking down a single hunter. I think that molly would better against someone like laz or normal val because of their single healing. Against slim, Rval or EMET golly would probably be able to get past their high group healing.


His DOTs also nullify Laz’s cloak. It becomes useless since all of MG’s abilities (and with the right perks/buff, his melees) inflict DOT.