Developers plz read this

I’m not surprised about you are losing player in this game… player playing has monster have no chance except if everyone is lv1, Monster have low HP, low shield, I’ve played 3 games today and I was unable to Evolve just 1 time with 3 different monsters I’ve played… but humans have cheated stuff. That’s boring and right now I don’t want to play this game anymore. monster has no chances… Plz do something :confused:

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TRS no longer works with Evolve and hasn’t been working with Evolve for quite some time. I believe 2K now just lets the game slowly die and collect dust whilst they do nothing with it.


Hello Suirad75, welcome to the TRS forums! :bucket_salute:

I’m sorry to tell you that Evolve is no longer being developed by Turtle Rock Studios, it’s now in 2K’s hands. So I suggest you pay a visit to their forums, nevertheless, feel free to have a discussion about the topic in here. :slight_smile:


As others have said, 2K pulled the plug so the developers are not able to change anything in the game anymore.

That being said all is not lost. Maybe we can improve your game play with some advice. Do you have any videos of your games? If not describe how you started those 3 matches. Which monsters did you play?


Sounds more like you need some help getting better at the game. I suggest watching some videos or talking to people like Little Jay.


Monster has an initial low skill floor to step onto compared to the hunters

But arguably has a much higher skill ceiling in regards to dealing with a competent group of hunters. Trying to juggle 4 different people is tricky.

But I can promise you- if you stick with it, its far easier to be “successful” as a monster in a pub environment in this game than it is hunter. When you learn monster, youre the only part of your team. All improvement you do is yours and yours alone. For a hunter however, a huge part of it is cooperation and coordination- Knowing what your team mates will do, when, and why. You can be the BEST hunter in the world- But if the other 3 on your team are dipsticks, you will lose to even a sub-par monster.

Im an “Average” monster at best as far as im concerned (Compared to what USED to be around these parts that is), and i have about a 90-95% win rate on my monsters. Once you understand the mechanics and “meta” of this game, it takes a solid group of hunters to really give you a run for your money. Anything less is just playing with your food.


My reaction to reading this in one word.


Ah, nostalgia of the good old days where everyone and their mother would say monsters and or hunters are op. Good times, goooooood times.


throws slim




Don’t start giving me nightmares again, please.


flashbacks intensify


slim+sunny+griffen+barkov, you aren’t getting out of there and you’re not keeping your armour.


I’ve played 2 times has goliath and 1 time has spectrum but i know why its so hard, there’s No way to heal the monster when he lose HP he’s dead…

I won some games today but its still hard there’s no way to heal monster, when he lose HP he’s dead…

Yes. Hunters get strikes which cap their health.


Did you… did you read what he said?

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I did. And I pointed out that hunters get strikes which cap their health.
Monster has permanent health loss for main health.
Hunters lose maximum health after each down.

There’s really nothing else to say, does he want a way to gain health back as the monster?


There was only one way to do so in Legacy with the albinos Tyrants, but now there’s the leeche perk that can do so. The leeche perk however is very infamous because it can regenerate the entire health of the monster if he happens to down hunters.


If I recall, there was a certain condition in Legacy Evacuation that turned the man-eating plants into healing food for the monster.

But yeah, for the most part it is hard to get health back as the Monster.


This reminds me of the “minotauro king” oh H.O.N.

How i dont miss you…

Which monster are you playing?

Goli is the most well-rounded, however if you don’t capitalize on his mobility then the assault can really tear you up while trapper keeps you down. Decent at S1 fights, but only if you can escape with 1-2 downs and minimal health loss.

Kraken just needs to stay airborn, and is overall decent, but you really have to land combos if you plan on downing hunters. He should not engage in a S1 fight.

Kelder is up there with Goli, but you really have to stick close to the hunters if you want to get downs.

Wraith is a glass cannon. She’s either extremely effective (usually her balance is dependent on the hunters picks) or complete trash.

Behemoth is strong, but you need to pick your fights in locations that benefit you like caves, not open areas, and gotta use combos to burst hunters down. Also pray that you aren’t facing Slim.

Gorgon is the mix between Goli and Wraith. She’s best if you play her like Kelder though, sticking to the hunters and unleashing chaos. Hard to pick up as a first monster, but extremely useful once you have the basics of being a monster (i.e. feeding routes, focusing medic/support first, and knowing what abilities are better than others).

But that’s just for Monsters. The other half of the equation is what platform are you playing on, and what hunters are you facing? Laz works well against Kraken and Wraith, while Slim destroys Behemoth. Knowing your opponent is knowing how to win.

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