Developers monster dream


I don’t know if you guys would want to but I’m curious of what the developers would love to have as monsters it doesn’t have to be something even possible for you guys to do but I’d love to read your ideas and see what you guys would like


There are a few threads on monster speculation out there right now @Boomboxer23. Some people are talking about one that burrows, others about an underwater one… Maybe one in a cave. Share your ideas Boom, what do you want to see?


I would like to see a monster with a different POV. I’m thinking like the artillery from World of Tanks. I.e. you switch POV to use your special thingy.


I would love to see a parasitic ‘thing’ that eats wildlife and creates a new copy of that Wildlife. The wildlife is then either aggressive towards the Hunters when they normally wouldn’t be, or have the wildlife spot and follow the hunters around the map. Giving the Parasitic Monster free pings on the map regarding the Hunters.


I know that teknoc I made this thow to see what kind of ideas the developers and other members of the team have


Honestly I’d love to see a bird like monster with ice like abilities. aybe it doesn’t have great speed do to it having a power to freeze an enemy in a solid block of ice that either has to wait to thaw or be broke free by team mates and it have an ability like after shock but where it calls In a blizzard.


I think an old school blob would be fun to play – 1958 Steve McQueen not the Marvel one.

  • Stage 1 it could pass through the cracks of the map to avoid the hunters.
  • Stage 2 it could begin absorbing the local wildlife, leaving their carcasses assimilated into its being.
  • Stage 3 it would just be an colossal mess of a monster. Instead of downed hunters, they would need to be freed from the monster’s grasp.


That just looks disgusting lol


That’s from Akira, what an awesome movie that was!

But my god, wasn’t it so messed up!



Akira is a classic, thumbs up to you good sir :smiley:


No thanks! :stuck_out_tongue: