(Developers) Left 4 Dead Project


Pfft! Silly me, why didn’t i think of that haha! Thank you again.

Sometimes I even wonder where my all of my stuff goes on my desktop then I realize I put everything into “New Folder (20)” later to organize. :stuck_out_tongue:
Might be ADHD? Ah who knows!

Alex Truman


What kind of help is @Alexander_Michael_Tr looking for? I’ll try and help out with what I can.


Mostly L4D models and textures, he’d have to tell you exactly which, though.


Hi Azmi_Anuar

I’m mostly looking for any models or textures used by TRS in the 2007-2008 builds of Left 4 Dead. (Weapons, Infected, Special infected and Map Sources) Or anything else that is related. :smiley:

Alex Truman


Beg pardon?


This person was a former developer for L4D Zero, he did nothing on the team besides brag to people, so he got the boot. He made none of this and just stole it from us. He later leaked it along side aiding various other leaks from teams doing stuff with Valve.


Well, the forum isn’t really a place for this. We have no proof one way or the other.


(I’ll change the picture to something else if requested)

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