(Developers) Left 4 Dead Project


Hi there Turtle Rock Studios!

I was recently recommended by a former developer (nicks) to get in contact with any other (TRS) Developers on the forums?

Im not to sure how to message any developers at this moment. But i assumed this was the best way to do so.
Currently im working on a project with a couple of friends to rebuild (TRS) Version of Left 4 Dead (around 2007)
Right now i only have the original survivors with there viewmodels from the man himself (Phill Robb) The Slab O Meat :slight_smile:

Big Question Is? (Jokes aside) Is there any other scraps of source files (PSDs) or (compiled content) still available on a personal computer?

Thanks again.

Alex Truman



@Shaners do you know anyone that could help this fellow out?


@GentlemanSquirl, @MacMan, @Matthew, @Insane_521


yes release the kraken


Thank you guys for all the support!
Maybe in the near future, Phil or some of the over developers will see this! As of the moment i will proceed to make things work in progress. I did add some developers on steam. Hopefully i can also get a response there as well! :smiley:

As of this moment i will tag some of the developers to the forum

@Shaners @SlabOMeat

Thanks again!
Alexander Truman



Update! Going to be baking new normal’s for Louis until (maybe) get the official ones. Same goes for the other survivors. Also plan on baking normal’s with the Special infected until official notice.

The next major update is using the Common infected PSDs (Thanks Phil ^_^) to really get that HD goodness injected in! Hopefully ill be posting new images by tomorrow.


Alex Truman



Just curious ,i thought Valve own the IP right to L4D franchise,not TRS ?.And supposed that i was wrong,would it be consider copyright violated if TRS hasn’t gave a official permission ?.And even if TRS are cool with this,is it legit and legal to copy L4D


L4D, although the IP is owned by Valve, has given permission for the game to be modded. Therefore whatever someone creates can be downloaded as a mod without any legal action.

It’s for this reason that it’s possible to download the extra map and story that was released not too long ago by Macman.


Hi Alex- It sounds like you have a good bit of stuff already. I’ve had other folks ask for similar stuff, and to be honest I spent a bunch of time searching through my personal archives and didn’t turn up much, outside of concept art that has already been circulated and easily found with a google search.

Members of the community (Splinks) have reworked those original characters and did a great job. I know that at some point Valve gave a big drop of assets to the community and I’m pretty sure that’s where a lot of the stuff that’s out there came from. The Dam Campaign was the last of the stuff that we had.

Great thing about the community is that there are a lot of talented folks out there that have been able to fill the gaps where the archives were found lacking. Also, as the guy who designed those original characters, makes my heart happy that so many people liked them enough to want to do the work to get them back in the game!

Good luck! :smile:


Well,but hes rebuild it,so i look like hes making a new game outta L4D,right ? @Alexander_Michael_Tr
This is where i’m concern about,because this could lead to a disaster without the proper approval from the proper perceptive,so yeah.


Hey guys!

Thank you for all the kind responses and support throughout the couple of days. It really shows how one community to the next can have a drastic change on how people treat others. This had been my greatest time on a forum. Wonderful People, Excellent Developers, Easy contact and just a beautiful community in general.

As for the developers Thank you for taking the time searching though some old coffins. You people are always at hard at work. Taking the time to even message me back is a honor in itself. I will continue this project of mine with no back downs and no regrets!

Also. For Phil, maybe someday i would love to have a 1-1 conversation on the history of TRS!

(Francis Approves of this Message)

Thank you guys once again.

Cheers Alex Truman

Note: I will post updates here if anyone is interested in helping out with the project.




I’m not sure if this is the same person but I rec’d an email recently. I confirmed with Macman that we do not have any assets from L4D in our offices. The only thing we could recommend is contacting Valve. :slight_smile:


Hi Shane!

Only developers i have talked to are (Nicks and Raymond) (Besides the forums) on Steam.
But if there is a email that will lead me to the right path. That would be a huge help! :smiley:

Thanks again!

Alex Truman



Hi Alex –
It looks like Phil has also looked everywhere for the assets. What else was it that you were looking for that we could try and help you with?


Hi Shane

The mostly i’m looking for is Weapons, Infected, Special infected and Map Sources. (Mostly Textures) But if anything i’m going to be contacting Valve in the long run. See if they have any of the Texture files laying around :slight_smile:

But always if theirs anything anyone has to contribute ill take anything!

Thank you so much!

Alex Truman



Real fast I’m gonna say you don’t need to leave your steam account link in every post you make nor do you need to sign it. I know it is professional but posting the same link may get a little spammy


Hi Maximumlimit!

Sorry its a real big habit of mine! Reason why i put my steam info is so people can contact me for anything or if anyone decides to copy my text and post it on a different forum. :frowning:

If it is a rule ill just keep my post like this from now on. Thank you for telling me!
Also if i’m doing anything else wrong just ping me or let me know in this forum. I’m going to be making updates from here on out. :smile:

Alex Truman


@Azmi_Anuar can you help at all, I know you do some modding .


Reading this thread makes me feel like I hacked into somebody’s emails.


No your fine dude it’s just we already have the link haha you can always put it on your profile so if anyone wants to check it out they can just click there. Or if they’re not lazy like me they can scroll up :stuck_out_tongue: