Developer request


Okay, so I play a bit of custom to spice it up and see comps of hunters I usually don’t see, and for the most part I play monster, but I also play hunters, and I was hoping for a randomize button for hunters when you’re on the hunter side. That being said, didn’t someone say that they’d have randoms in online if someone isn’t playing in that spot (could be mistaken). I dislike playing a game with people, having someone leave and always be stuck with Markov Hank Val and Maggie and whatnot. Would it be hard to add that or no?


Solo custom is random now.


if you play solo-quick start and play as just monster, the hunters will always be randomized


When you play monster, yes, but not when you’re a hunter. I always get stuck with the rest of the tier one and I usually forget to change it. I think it’d be a nice little feature


You don’t even have to do quick start.


Oh, shit. Sorry, nevermind.


true man. whenever i did any of the others and play monster i always get T1 hunters… unless i played Quick Start…