Developer Question, Powerups

To those of us who have followed the interviews and articles closely, you may have noticed talk of the ‘Spotters’, small meerkat like aliens that the monsters cannot eat, but instead give low whistles when it is nearby. Shooting a certain number of these little bastards as the hunters grants uyou ‘animal sense’ letting you spot the goliath up to 200 yards away through anything.

My question for the devs is as follows. One, will powerups be relevant to the animal you have killed? And two, will each character (hunter or monster) have access to unique powerups?

Apparently it works from 100 feet to 200 feet away, sounds really interesting though. It’d be cool if it only applied to one hunter so they had to explain where the monster was too. I can imagine someone getting it and seeing Goliath hiding in a bush not too far away looking directly at them. That’d be scary as hell

Oh yes, 200 feet. Snafu on my part. I know thus far that the Goliath has a single powerup, by devouring the Tyrants (was that their name?) it could thicken its armour.

Oh actually it might be yards, either way it’s around 100 to 200 of those units I think. And yeah that sounds likely, I’m sure there’ll be other power-ups for boosting speed, damage and cool-down times for abilities.
They sure are called Tyrants, I didn’t see much of them when I played Evolve in Birmingham though, so I’m keen to see some footage of them.

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I’m guessing you meant “or”, but console.

Please tell me PS4, i need someone to play evolve with. With MICS!

I’m getting one eventually actually, I’ll keep in touch and add you once I have it :smiley:

If you’re already on PSN, search for A-hardie2. I’ll see if i have an old set of turtle beach headsets if you like.

Cool, I rarely use my ps3 anyways but I will soon

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I have a bunch of ps4 Evolve enthusiasts ready.

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small meerkat like aliens that the monsters cannot eat

Oh, the monsters CAN eat them. They’re like little monster Hot Pockets.


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@DarkHardie Dude, add me to that list :smiley: