Dev Tracker?


Is there something going on with the dev tracker recently?? I click on the tracker and nothing comes up. Same thing when I try on my phone. I always found it very convenient to find the threads where they’ve been interacting and answering questions. Anyone know what’s up?

Evolve Questions and Answers

Yeah, that’s weird. O_o

It’s not working for me either.
@DamJess can you help us with some of your awesome magic powers? :smiley:


Doesn’t show up for me either.


Here today, the users of the TRS forums gather to request the venerable and mighty ruler of this virtual realm, @DamJess , to address this grave problem that has befallen us.



The Dev’s are in Sneak mode, thereby UNTRACKABLE!!!


Same here, it has been dead for hours :frowning:


I was just about to report this as well when I checked and found this thread here already. So it’s been down all day?
Dev tracker is my favorite feature on here! :worried:

For that matter… has anyone seen any posts by the devs today? I don’t read every single new post, but I’ve been reading for like an hour now and I don’t think I’ve seen any yet.


But I have Daisy :anguished:


Yeah, Matthew and MacMan have been about, the tracker doesn’t work for me either. Also pulling up a devs profile doesn’t work… I think they ARE sneaking you guys… What could they be hiding ?..


Clearly you only have the Big Alpha Daisy, which everyone knows couldn’t find the monster if it was eating Maggie right in front of her.


Guys I think we are part of a very small group in this community that has discovered a grave discovery. They have gone silent because of this:

Feast (XDDDDD) your eyes upon this, an evolve game on the app store. Weird. I smell something fishy, especially after our overseer and judge @DamJess did not respond to the ritualistic summoning I performed earlier.

Guys, we need to do something. Like now. Butt what??


Yeah, you may want to update your daisy m8. But please don’t get the OP version (although I can’t remember which one that is now…) the devs have been trying to fix it for ages and more power just isn’t gonna help you find anything. (The balance is a nightmare, I hear)


There is another thread about that somewhere…





I can’t find it but… Ahh that’s right! It was called evolve: hunters quest I believe. Try using the search bar.

found it!!!


Gasp! What if the devs have a thread somewhere around here where they are conspiring against us!!! Quickly, to the panic positions! It’s a full blown reverse muttony😱 everyone! Jump to conclusions ASAP!!! Defcon 3 has been reached!!


Maybe I posted too much goodness for the system to handle? :wink:


As always, lol.

But seriously what is going on?

(Anyway I’m sick so I have had nothing to do all day except for forum go, so I had better rest now, g’night world)


Oh good, their offices didn’t explode.
Or if they did, some survived.
Either way, good!


So… the sheep are eating us? :open_mouth: