[Dev response] Reload bar for Sunny's drone does not show progress


The reload bar for Sunnny’s shield drone does not show the progress of the reload process.
It just goes to fully blue when the drone is ready. So you can’t estimate in how many seconds it will be available again.

Reloading: (no progress shown)

Reloaded: (fully blue)

By the way, orginally I was against adding a reload to the shield drone but now I think it’s actually fine. I guess I was wrong. But the UI needs to be fixed. :slight_smile:


@NegroManus This is actually not a bug :relaxed: There are a few seconds for the cool down but it’s pretty quick. We do have it on our suggestion list for the future :cow:


I don’t care how you title this working item as long as you will work on it. :slight_smile: