[Dev response] Monster AI in Co-Op pacing


First the monsters stood there…

Then they ran away the whole game, ran out the clock, and were generally boring to play against…

Now they pace back and forth, running away from the hunters for a while (not using traversals just running) and then turning around.and running back the other way (into the hunters).

The only way to snap the monster out of thier pacing is to dome it, but as soon as the dome falls it paces again.


Can you tell us which monster it was and on which map please?


Goliath and pretty much on all of them.

It doesn’t use traversals to get away. It just tries to walk away then gives up ans walks the other way.

I feel bad for killing it honestly.


Pls don’t kill cute AI goliath.

On topic though, if you have Abe and throws status grenade with the ridiculous slow that came with this patch, it would pretend to walk and stoodthere until it dies.


I, for one, am still encountering the “monster running away the whole game” behavior. I read a post from a dev stating that this is fixed with 2.08. I’m letting you guys know it is not.
Please do something about this. Out of all the behaviors, this one is the most infuriating. The other behaviors don’t take up a half hour of your life in a running simulator! Plus, it ruined Deepest Dark Challenge.
(Just so you know, this was the ultimate reason players didn’t make the challenge: Half hour games!)

After a half hour of chasing greased lightning, hunters win because monster fails to destroy relay.
This is both Wraith and Goliath. All maps.


I cannot concur with the experience. But that’s partially because I associate “running between Domes” with the AI actually being quite effective… :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s more like running and never being able to dome because the bastard’s on speed and doesn’t even stop to feed


I can concur with Kleistinhune.

The monster runs away but almost never feeds. It often spends the entire game at stage 1 simply running down the clock.

I get that the main reason the monster wasn’t moving before was that it would try to feed right in front of the hunters and would stand there tryng to feed as it was being shot, and thus froze in place, but now the monster almost never feeds at all, even when it is safe to do so.

There has to be a happy medium. The pacing thing is just anticlimactic because the monster just runs back and forth in the end without trying to get away, but it is a step up from juat running the whole game.

Even if you just camp the relay the monster doesn’t evolve until there is like a minute left in the game, and the hunters win because the monster can’t get to the relay in time.


something that happens with Griffin too is, if you harpoon the monster he’ll turn to your direction break the harpoon and run to you without attacking, then you do it again and he’ll turn to the other side, you can basically lock him and kill because every time he goes to the side you harpooned him


Actually it does seem to happen when I play Maggie, so it probably is the harpoons.


We’re looking into this!
So we’d had a few areas in the game where the AI monster would, as the OP said, get stuck pacing. You’re completely right! The monster will do nothing but run back and forth between these two spots :cold_sweat:
During testing, we thought we found all the spots, but now we know we missed one (…or more if it happens in all maps… :confused:)

We started looking yesterday and we’re going to be spending a lot of time looking for this today, please hang on tight! Any screenshots or videos of any of these locations would be super helpful to pin this down.


Better fixed it fast

There are like almost to none people playing coop now… most that que only want the deepest dark map


It may be tied to the harpoon traps as another poster noted.

I notice it a lot more when playing as Maggie, and the other guy said it happened with Griffin.


yeah, both Griffin and E.Griffin actually, later I’ll try to gather some info (low quality 720p but still info xD)


So AI tests were run all day and while a couple smaller issues were discovered, we never found a stuck spot where the monster would get stuck pacing… :confused:
The games were run with either Maggie or Griffin…
A video would be super helpful. We have some other ideas that we’ll try next week.

It could also be that this problem is fixed in 2.10 and whoever fixed it didn’t document the fix anywhere… xD