[Dev response] Matchmaking broken, can we get a response?

Guys, the matchmaking in the latest patch is broken. It is taking a much longer time than the previous patches and allowing groups of 2-4 people to go into the character pick phase constantly. There is also a bug that “freezes” you and renders you incapable of either picking the character or leaving the lobby (the game itself is not frozen, you can still go into your character profile, player options, normal options etc.)

I’ve contacted Mizx, I’ve messaged the official account on Twitter, asked in the latest patch thread and even had a few TRS people (Coach_Bearly, Insane) hop onto my stream (I assumed with the intention of either communicating about the issue or seeing it, seeing as they came minutes after I talked to Mizx) and immediatelly asked - and we got no response. Why? This is a game-breaking issue that should’ve been addressed in a matter of hours and yet here we are almost a full day later without so much as a word on it, let alone a solution. I’m not the only one with the issue either, people have been saying and asking about this left and right and unless I’m blind, I’m not seeing a single response anywhere, or even so much as an acknowledgement of the issue.

I understand patches can bring bugs, but this is game breaking stuff we’re talking about here. The effective result, unless you’re willing to play with bots, is a 10-30 minute “waiting” time for a match (which is not even just waiting, but even more frustratingly, constant re-queuing). We’ve had a similar thing a couple of patches ago and you’ve rolled back the patch within an hour or so, why is this not happening now? It’s not quite as bad as it was before, sure, but this is hardly acceptable matchmaking.


We know about the …er… freeze bug and that will be fixed in 2.08!

We also know about the match making problem. If you are still getting the issue, please send your game.log to me. Our network programmer is already looking into the issue, but we’re hoping for more info since we’re having trouble reproducing the problem internally.

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Alright, that one’s not… too bad. Bad, but not game-breaking.

A lot of people are having this issue. It is making the game near impossible to play outside customs, so I hope this is treated as a top priority issue (I’m actually surprised the patch was not rolled back for it). That said, sure, when do I get this log though? I’ve checked it now and it’s empty, I doubt you’d get much info from it x.x

Yes, a lot of people were getting the issue, but some of it has settled by now and less and less people are getting it (silent yay!). And yes, this is our networking team’s top priority! They are definitely trying to figure out what’s wrong.

To get logs, please read the link below. After getting the issue, you’ll have to close the game, and send me what’s in your clipboard. Something will generate once the game is closed.


cool, that´s my skill rating! :slight_smile: thanks

why do we have different skill ratings for coop and hunt but not monster/hunter? :frowning: @m3teeh