[Dev response] Insane damage: could be bug, could be hackers


Recently I played a match against Meteor Goliath and queued with a friend and 2 random guys. When I saw our medic is on 36 winstreak I was kinda surprised.
In game it became obvious why he is so unkillable. He was doing insane damage to the monster.
I mean INSANE. Like 1/4 of HP with one shot.
I could not find this topic mentioned on this forum, but found some videos on Youtube showing this problem ^^

Anyone knows what is going on?


Looks like a hack and bcs of that you should remove the video, as it is against a forum rule and send it to the devs.
Maybe wait for a second opinion as I may have not noticed something


Yep it’s a classic hack, happened to me 3-4 times. I reported it but no answer tho :slight_smile:


Thx for answer and advice. Video removed.


It would slow down the process if TRS had to tell everyone that the hacker they reported has been banned.


@Miodozer This doesn’t sound like a bug to me :confused: I have taken down the information and added it to our log. The information is still really helpful when there is a description. We are trying our best to investigate any funny issues.

@Syrinx I’m so sorry you did not get a response! We try to keep up with every report. I have added that this issue occurred with you as well.

Please hang in there!