Dev question: New Monster / Hunter production timelines


A question for the Devs.

What do you anticipate the overall timeline is going to be for the release of new Monsters / Hunters?

I’m not expecting a set in stone release date, but a general feel for how long between new aditions we can expect to wait. 3 Months, 6 Months, 9 months?

Curious, and looking forward to even more Evolve content! :smile:


I am impatient too to have the next monster, and to know everything about it. We all are, because we love this game, and it’s natural to want more and more about it. And I know th feeling.

But I don’t think it’s fair to ask this to the developers nor it’s our place to pressure them, especially when demanding a product of high quality like we’ve come to expect.

At the same time I don’t think as an audience we are entitled to know every little thing and movement the developers make, every little plan, every little lead and path they follow. Recently I saw the thread where the devs show early concepts and footage of how things were at development. I wasn’t very surprised to find that many people reacted to seeing this material as wanting it or questioning the devs’ choices that discarded them.

I think that attitude is selfish and disrespectful of their work. And it’s crossing a line.

I see similar attitudes of entitlement all over this community. Which is a great community, but in many cases it shows a lot of immaturity, in the sense that people demand things all the time without understanding, respecting the devs’ work and place, and especially being impatient.

Don’t take this rant as something personal or aimed at you. Of course it applies to your post, but it’s just a summary of most things that I see happening in this forum and I think they are wrong.

Anyone has the right to disagree with me. Some will agree, hopefully. But nevertheless this is my opinion and my answer to what you’re saying here: No, I’d rather not know until it’s done and they can take all the time they want to make the best next monster or new material.


fdruid, i appreciate you are agitated by what you see as selfish and disrespectful attitudes toward the developers and their work. I’ve seen some of that on the forums as well. It seems to me your attitude toward my post is unwarranted.

I want to stress i have nothing but appreciation and support for the teams at Turtlerock and 2K. I am not interested in pressuring the devs, or seeing a snippet of the work only to bag on it on the forums.

It is through honest curiosity that i posted this thread and not any kind of ham-burgler esque entitlement to their process. Development of game assets is something i have far less experience predicting on my own, vs the timelines of new seasons of a television show, production of a movie i’m looking forward to, or the recording of a new album. I have a pretty good internal clock for when i can expect to get new content from these other sources. I was looking for some suitably vague and non-binding statement from the developers that might say “sometime mid-summer, or we are shooting to release new hunters in the fall”.

No pressure, and certainly no disrespect involved. A re-reading of my initial post should illustrate that.


He wasn’t asking for an “exact” release date so that he can hold the devs to this schedule. And I don’t view what he is asking as unreasonable.

He is a huge fan of the game, as I am, and wants to know what kind of release schedule they have. A lot of games’ development teams have some kind of schedule planned or a guideline for themselves.


I agree. I’d like to know what kind of timeline we could expect as well. Just to give me an idea of what to expect. I absolutely am impatient lol but in a good way. I’m anxious to see where this title goes. I want more story, more maps, more hunters, more monsters and just overall more of the evolve universe.

This is more a sign of respect and applause for the hard work these men and women have put into this game.

So, yes please, let us know what kind of timeframe we may be looking at.