Dev opinion page


I thought i would make a thread for the devs for teh lulz :3 because they are so awesome post here everything you love about the devs and evolve devs can in return give us their love and appreciation :3


Since I knew that the devs were from the creators of L4D2. I am instantly looking forward to this game. Because I know the potential will be high, and fun. They already have my love and appreciation just because of this amazing forum so far. So thanks,

You guys and girls (turtle) rock!


I think its almost the same thing for me :3 i loved l4d and l4d2 :3



thats an absolutely adorable meme X3 IMO X3


I will admit that I have never played the Left for Dead series.

When I first heard about this game I knew I would enjoy it. The monster is like a human controlled Boss Battle and I remember that fight in World 3-3 of Demon’s Souls (props to anyone that understands that reference) as one of the most heart sinking feelings I had ever had in my short gaming history.

This offers a great potential for replay value because every fight could be different and intriguing as long as the Developers balance everything properly. It should be hard, but not unfair.

So in that respect and to get back on topic, I’d have to say that any Developer that can pull this off properly are heroes in the gaming industry.


never played left 4 dead :frowning: NOOOOOOO my favorite game. u break my heart dude :frowning:


No left 4 dead? I’m sorry to hear that, L4D2 was on sale this weekend on steam though.


ye was a good price on steam at the time :3 i still like the original l4d better because in my opinion its way more simple and its got more style :3 dont get me wrong i love l4d2 tooo :3!!!


I just can’t decide which one is best. I tried so many times.