Dev names for the Beta



So I’ve been thinking a little bit and everyone at TRS and many from 2K will be playing the Open Beta on XB1 right?
Now I bet that I am not the only one wanting to know wether I am playing against these guys/girls or not!

Could we maybe if possible get a list from the devs or anything on what there names will be? Or ways of recognizing who I am playing against?? I know some TRS ppl had the ‘TRS’ in front of their names during the big alpha but yeah.

If there is anything like this post you can take it down!

Would be great to maybe get the devs to type their names or something here??

Thanks alot!


I think that for the most part, the TRS_ will be a dead giveaway. And hey, maybe sometimes they just wanna play the game without the pressure of being the dev in the match, y’know?


If they meet any of us we WILL treat them as normal players, at least for my case, which im preety sure i am not the only one.

Excluding the rage, if i want to rage i won’t rage xD


Yeah totally get that ^^ But then we have people like @DB_Sinclair etc! Ofc this should only be done with the people that feels okey with it ^^ Wouldn’t have it any other way :wink:


I hope I get some kinda of warning that I’m going to be fighting an experienced team or monster slayers, but then, if there is a non-dev experienced team I won’t be able to guess so would be unfair for the devs maybe


I thought at one time they said they would be using custom skins to help identify themselves as well. Not sure if that is still a thing or not.


I do not know how that even came up but, that is ofcourse I will treat them like normal players? xD? Just saying that they have been playing for longer so I would know if I met them to put my A game on :slight_smile:


Well then that kinda settles it - If they want to flaunt their dev-ness, they can put TRS_ in their screenname, and if not, they don’t. Done and done.


I don’t think it is unfair for a group of people who has played this game for years :wink:


I think it was mentioned somewhere that they have their own Skins. So that’s one way to recognize if you are playing with/against them.


Yes but there are more than that xD Also it is XB1, it is not only to put the name there and remove it like on PC :s


So, if we see a bearded Goliath its sinclair, and a top-hat kracken is… coach ?


I’d love for @DB_Sinclair to get his very own bearded Goliath!


What if all 4 hunters look like Jparty though? Which one will be right?

Trick Question, Even Jparty clones are always right


And at the end if he won, it would say ‘‘DINNER DINNER, HUNTER DINNER’’


That’s right @whatde!


Winner Winner*

and yeah :D! Would be the greatest XD!


Hell, now that i think of it, will any of the devs stream during the beta ? Would be apreciated if anybody knew.


need 10 characters to post message!


You don’t hear munching noises when the monster eats, you hear brief, sped-up sound clips of " MEAT FOR MY BELLY " for each bar of food he consumes.