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How to use Repulsor :sunglasses:

what does green or red means ?

How to make it always green ?

when to use it ?

How to make Kraken falls to the ground or in sky ?

Tutorial doesn’t help :cold_sweat:

Red means nothing’s happening, because the monster isn’t moving. Green means it’s working I guess.
Try not to use it when it’s red is my advice?

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I want to use it more effectively … How do I suspect it’s going red or green ?

Green means the monster is moving in the direction you’re blocking, so keep it up.
Red means the monster is either
A. Not moving
B. Moving in a different direction
So you can either
A. Remove it
B. Move the beam to block

Bend the beam so it is hitting the monster in the direction its moving.
Too many Jacks think it is auto aim
It is not

Whenever someone is being focused while the monster is moving your direction, otherwise you can
A. Head off the monster to stop it
B. Lay on the damage

To get the Kraken to the ground, get about its level (pillars, jetpack, you get the gist), put the beam on him, then look up, the beam will move to its head, and force him down.
Same applies to pushing it up, only, you know, reverse.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Red means simply that the beam isn’t working against the monster at all (You trickle power doing this, I’ve seen) and that he is unhindered.

Green means he is actually being pushed against and his movement is being affected (And drains the battery reeeal quick hehe)

Angle is weird, takes some getting used to, but the general rule of thumb is be in the frontal ‘cone’ of the Monster, otherwise you’ll push him for like… half a sec, drain the battery and not really accomplish much.

Just takes some practice, I myself am still getting the hang of what perk I like best with Jack and all (So many useful ones!)

Genius :smirk:

I have to face him

I have to block him like when the monster goes right = I block him to position it to the left right ??

Watch the tutorial videos.

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Everything is in there, at least last time I checked it was. Emphasis on videoS… The advanced tutorial has a lot more detail.
Okay, the only thing not covered by the video is Red/green… Red= Bad, Green = good. Green means you’re effectively applying force to the monster, red means you’re not.

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If the monster is moving to the right, you need to aim farther to the right. Aim in front of him and the beam will bend to move the resistance force in front of the monster.


My bad :sob:

Thanks @MacMan @MajorLeeHyper

I love how super power ability fits Jack … I wish support & medic has special unique abilities too

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Depends on your matter of perspective. Some people might think projecting a shield on people that can stop giant rocks crushing you is a super power. ^.-