Dev feedback on new character PaPa?


Got any in game stats you care to share with the class?

How do the devs feel about this new healer?

It feels like the idea was to create a medic you can not easily focus, as medic is always focused first by many players or the AI. I think that is a good idea in theory.

So is he working out as intended? Have you garnered any insight in the 2-3 days he has been in the wild?

can you share any of this insight?

It would be really nice to actually see a comparison with other game characters if possible.
-Focus target healing vs Val and Caira.
-Focus monster self healing vs Slim.
-Direct focus by monster survivability vs the other assaults, except Rabe as he seems weak when focused, good on the chase.

When i fight him he feels really strong but I am starting to think I am the only one and its probably because I main gorgon possibly?

It would be great to see his success rate vs the different monsters. I expect he loses to krakken most often??
That about right?

He is new so its possible it gonna take some more time but it feels like many fell right into his play style day 1 without any real learning curve, is that what you guys are seeing too?

@Insane_521 @snowkissed

Anyone specific I should tag for some of these stats and opinions?

thanks a bunch for the insight in advance!! :wink:


Probably @mizx, @GentlemanSquirl, or @ArPharazon.


Thank you for that.