Deus Ex: Mankind Divided


I know this trailer’s only a cinematic but MY GOSH I am so excited for this, really loved the last one (well, except for the mandatory boss fights) and I hope we get some gameplay footage of this soon.




Never played a Deus Ex game, seems like a good time to start!

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Damn, you have missed something. The games are amazing. Storytelling is superb and the action is great. Not to mention the freedom to do what you want (go in guns blazing, or sneak in, latter is most of the time better though)

Yes, I’m a bit of Deus: Ex fanboy :grin:

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Man, I was just thinking about making the same thread and asking what you think of Deus Ex!

I’m excited, I loved Human Revolution. Can’t say exactly why but it’s in my top 5 games.

I’m concerned about how this will tie into the other games, kind of feels like it’s being squeezed in between Human Revolution and the original Deus Ex, never thought of Deus Ex as such an active series before either. That said the group that Adam Jensen had to deal with in Human Revolution could move like that couldn’t they? The new important character, the terrorist leader, is really typical too. The accent and the use of “brother” for a terrorist leader with “good” motivations couldn’t be any more typical :stuck_out_tongue:

HOWEVER, that’s the bad out the way, I’m still excited because it’s Deus Ex, hopefully it’ll still have plenty of choices and make you think, Adam Jensen is an awesome character and I love some of the other augments he’s got. This all reminds me that while I played Deus Ex a ton on xbox, I haven’t played the Director’s Cut version that I bought on Steam… Need to hook up a controller and play!

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I am very curious how this will turn out… I really liked the tiny bit of Human Revolution I managed to play. Gonna have to start watching this!



It seems like it is going to cover the human/vs augmented people conflict again?

Just asking because I’m not sure if I am missing something but it sounds like that conflict is still alive and Jensen is fighting amongst it.



This game is going to be a real pearl, unfortunately a lot of people won’t care about it. The previous one was just amazing, even though it had its flaws (lack of dynamism, slow evolution, lack of stealthy approaches etc)

I’m really looking forward to this.

The conflict isn’t the same deal as before I think, because now they personalized the cyborg rebellion with leaders and all that, whereas it was mainly rioters and an organization stealing some technology to satisfy their own goals or something. I don’t really remember the story. Now we should see the real deal, though I don’t really see how it relates with the multi-choice ending from Human Revolution.



I vouch for him… He was in fact, thinking about making a thread for Deus Ex.



Its looks pretty cool and he also looks like a male version of Kosmos. lol



Human Revolution was one of my favorite modern RPGs. I played that game six ways til Sunday until I could stealth the whole thing non-lethal. Really interested in seeing this one.



I have played and enjoyed all the Deus Ex games, including the much maligned 2nd one. The original did things that other studios took years to attempt. To say this is pretty high up on my list would be an understatement.



Smoking is cool kids! And cancer free in the future :wink:
Lol in all seriousness this looks awesome
######why do these trailers make smoking look so badass?



@Quirkly Illuminati confirmed



I’m not entirely sure how I feel about this, but hey: More Deus Ex = WINWINWINWINWIN.

Also…I knew Adam was shady but he’s part of the Illuminati? Damn.

And so much for non-lethal walkthroughs. :blush:



I remember watching the human revolution trailer and being blown away, it’s still my favorite trailer! I still need to finish it without killing anyone, setting any alarms off, and on hard mode all at once, it’s one hell of a challenge. I’ll probably try to finish the challenge before this awesome looking game comes out!!! :smile:



I liked the 2nd one. I hadn’t played the first one originally, so it was very interesting and I came into it unbiased. But Human Revolution blew me away. Many of my favorite things about RPGs and 3rd person action games combined. Just, like everyone, I thought the boss fights were a totally uneven and ill-fitting addition. If you built your character for stealth/exploration/non-lethal, you were pretty much stuck finding some cheese walkthrough to take them out.



HR was amazing. I’m somewhat concerned that this one looks a little too action oriented but it’s only a trailer so w/e.



I’m hopeful, however, if they pull another retarded choice matters BS ending I’m gonna burn some things down… I mean… Ahem. Please have a more open ended finale :slight_smile:



More info about the game over on Gameinformer!

Also, remotely hacking from a distance is an absolutely great feature to hear about.

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The first one was the best. one if the best games ever made IMO. Last one was better than all the one in between, but does not beat the first one.

Start with the first one. If you want, I have an extra copy on steam that I can gift you. Its oldschool though, so if you do not like older games, then well… ya

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