Determining my rank


Ok, So I took a long break from this game and I recently returned.

The issue - I want to play evolve.

The problem - Getting my ten matches sorted out it taking forever. I spent an hour in the queue so far this morning and have yet to get one match out of the way. How is this productive? I agree with a placement system but this is an utterly stupid way to go about it. Are you trying to keep new people from joining this game? It certainly feels that way.

Solution - Figure out a system that ranks players on individual performance and don’t force them to complete 10 matches that may or may not ever happen based on the wait times I am experiencing this morning. The current system is just terrible.


They are working to fix this problem, they sincerely care about their customers.


As @demonhunter1245 said, TRS is aware of the long wait times are are working on the issue. Hold tight!

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Thank you both for the reply, after re-reading my post I got a little emotional there, and I apologize for that and I appreciate you over looking that and giving me a mature response.

Cheers all.


It really is no problem.

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Yeah 2 days now trying to get my 10 matches, and no luck. I managed to get 3, but more often than not I just can’t get a match. Very sad, I played this game at release and had a blast, then I got busy with life and had to take a break from games now I have time to play again and I can’t play this game to any level of enjoyment.

I play games to have fun and relax, not spend 2 days unsuccessfully jumping though hoops and watching a matching queue. I won’t be back, I know it really does not matter in the big scheme of things, but I did spend cash on this game and that should count for something.

Take care all I hope it get’s better.