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Hi Turtle Rock,
the Determining Matches don’t work like they are supposed to…at least thats my point of view.
So far I’ve played 7 matches with Hunters (normally i take Monster over Hunters but sadly i takes more than 10 minutes to find a team of hunters because every time a hunter leaves the match the search starts again from the beginning). The 2 games i’ve played as Monster were a walk in the park because the Hunters (just like the Hunters I’ve played with don’t know what they’re doing at all).
Sure Evolve is a Team game for the Hunters but I’ve played the games since release and even if i play the game as hunter without my Team I’ve alway gotten better team mates than now in the Determining Matches.
How does the Determining Matchmaking work? Is the level (1-40) a factor for finding a team? Because it doesn’t seem that way. Further if i’ve got a Bronze Level (i suppose its the lowest one and due to the progress I’ve made so far i imagine this is the level i’ll start off) how does the Matchmaking work if i play with my playmates? Does the lowest or the highest level count?

Don’t get me wrong Evolve is the best game idea in the last few years but all these bugs and problems (first of the Matchmaking - I hope after the Determining Matches it gets better) are making it really frustrating.

Something needs to be improved there. Wouldn’t it be possible to determine the Matchmaking by previous Stats or would it just take longer to find a Match?

My last comment was closed because it was to much of a ‘rant’ but i’ve payed a lot of money for this game and since the first patch the game is threatening to go downhill and its lost a lot of its players.
I don’t wanna be a nag but something needs to be done!

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I believe it averages if there are differently ranked teammates.

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It averages out for the Hunter team. So for instance, if you are ranked 1300, one person is 1400, another is 1500 and the last is 1700, your average ‘team’ score would be 1475 (5900/4) This means it will try to find a monster closest to 1475. This means the monster will be a bit stronger than monsters at your level, but weaker than the monster with Mr. 1700 score.

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