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Gotta put this out here how much I love how the whole setup here shows reflects the title. I’ve really been thinking about how everything ties together and it’s just awesome how much thought everyone’s put into this. When I look at each monster and their tier everything just clicks so perfectly. Let me enlighten those who haven’t seen it yet and see if I anyone else can show me some views I haven’t quite picked up on.

Tier one Goliath is beast of brute force made to strike fear and to destroy, made to kill and frighten colonists and destroy their defenses. Then the tier one hunters come in. The first team is essentially express made to corral and kill him, using Maggie to track him down as he can be somewhat elusive and using harpoon traps to lock him down for hank, Markov to take him down with mines, Val as she is the scout / recon person and is the most versatile with focus on being able to slow and keep the monster from simply running, and Hank as the most all around support who can help keep the team alive. The monster runs into far more resistance than from the colonists, and has to evolve to be able to cope with it’s new predator; enter Kraken.

Kraken counters Markov’s mines by flying over them, Maggie’s harpoons and tracking by staying mobile and far from the harpoons range, Hank’s orbital and shield by being able to change targets on the fly, surprising with banshee mines, multiple targets with aftershock, and knockback of Vortex, Val by doing high burst damage, breaking los, multiple targets, and hidden mines. The Trappers answer right back by bringing in Griffon to pull Kraken from the sky and negate his floatiness and spikes that he won’t likely see from high up to pick him up as he glides by, Hyde to route him out of high areaswith gas and do burn as well as minigun to spray and pray him from afar, Laz to counter his burst and distanced style since he may be harder to pick out of a group, and Bucket for area control, aerial surveys and to cover Griffons lack of stealth perception, and homing missles to hit a fast flying target. With the Kraken losing ground to the new hunters it evolves again and returns with Wraith.

Wraith’s exceptional stealth and fast movement negates Griffon’s spikes and harpoon. His ability to keep distance and his decoys and hit and run strategy make Hyde less useful (although in my opinion he is still the best against Wraith in an actual fight). The cloak and decoy and hit and run negate buckets turrets and small and fast silhouette wreck his UAV. His cloak eating stops revives from Laz. The hunters now on the downside come back with Cabot’s high damage output to cut through her low health and armor and dust tagging to counter her stealth. Caira joins with the best healing thus far and a speed boost to keep the team on the bloke as well as DOT from napalm grenades to keep him from an easy cloak. Abe joins to keep a monster that’s hard to keep tabs on by getting it’s food rather than having to find the monster itself, but when he finds him making it incredibly hard to escape. Parnell enters with high damage potential to also punch through the fragile Wraith.

Looking at the DLC characters, the monster takes the opposite approach and sets itself up to be able to take all the crap these guys can throw at him and throw it right back. His massive armor and health pool countering the high damage of Cabot and Parnell and slow movement disregarding the usefulness of dust tagging. Either out damaging Caira or walling her off her target. Abe also becomes less useful as you already know where the monster is and it’s speed in combat is less of an issue, so there go darts and nades and the shotgun damage is again, negligible. The hunters unwittingly answer with the Sunny who is made to deal high damage and protect her team from a high damage but slow monster, Torvald who can rain death from afar to counter knockback and punish slow monsters, Slim who can do decent damage and punish a monster who overly focuses him, and Crow who can find a slow moving monster and can ignore his massive armor pool if he has low health as well as slow him accurately from range.

The coolest thing about all of this. You could flip the order of who responded to who and it would still work pretty well, although not as good as this IMO. It’s just so cool how all of this comes into view. Not to mention the awesome wildlife adaptations and how clever some of them are (Steamadons popping steam to blend into white snow. Neat stuff! Less intelligent is that in a green Jungle. Smart TRS, smart). Anyone else have some awesome examples I missed?



I think he’s saying T1 is built for fighting goliath, kraken is built for fighting t1, t2 is built for fighting kraken, wraith for t2, t3 for wraith. And the dlc change this by being suited for all the monsters and hunters


Pretty much; but just that it’s so cool how everything clicks together and you can see how the the games core concept shines through in the characters for each tier. It’s also cool to see it in game as people adjust strategies to fight different styles of play and differnet character combos (here’s the cliff notes version @Shin)


Both the Hunters and Monster must EVOLVE to survive.
Yeah I said it.