Detailed information of each charactor


Simple. For the reason that we can review our equipment or monster ability in scale.

For example damage per hit, numbers of hit(in case of shotgun or some monster ability), rate of fire/attack, heal amount, max health pool for monsters. You will figure out others.

Oh and more detailed of some specific ability such as - Hank’s shield projector and tech sgt.Hank’s shield charger which work differently.
It took some people more than 2 rounds of defeat to know how it works properly, sometimes me is included.

This will help players determine their future plan of both buying a new charactor and in-game strategy.

More satisfied charactor detail. More customer interest. Comes more buying.
Profit me, profit you. :sunglasses:


We should also get to see the amount of health a hunter has, so we can get an idea of just how much that damage is going to amount to.



Unless it was changed, Hunters have about 1600 health with no strikes. I know that much.


I agree. I also find it very weird that turtlerockstudios haven’t implemented a “visual representation” or breakdown of the individual character’s skills/abilities yet. I was very confused looking for it under the “Character” section. I thought i could read everything about the characters in there, which is how i think it should be. But i guess that’s prioritizing gameplay and bugfixing first, which is commendable, but i’d love to see this added in the future :slight_smile: !


I second this suggestion, is it possible to add some description to the characters abilities b4 u buy it? and maybe some way of explaining how the character works (like in overwatch for example u press F1 and it shows a brief description of your characters abilities in game).

maybe even a short video demonstrating each ability/weapon.


Yess! That :smile:!


Correct, but I think a strike is only a 10% penalty now instead of the previous 20%. Someone correct me if I’m wrong


Also, how about end of match stats such as dmg dealt by teammates, shield dmg, number of deaths/spawns, dmg shielded, healing done, self healing done and some other stats that might seem important (please dont switch out the little minimap recap of the action its a really cool feature imo).


Originally they had decided not to include the ability to see your teammates stats for the match, because of the belief it would result in toxic situations. (People throwing out blame, etc).


@Chromatic_Blue Mhm, i think the devs did the right thing on that point.


Ok i see your point of the toxic problem, how about your overall score compared to others who played the same champ?