Detailed Hand-Drawn Evolve OC


My sister drew this for me today, she’s five and enjoys watching me play every once and a while. If you can’t see what’s on the picture here’s what she said she drew. The pink figure on the far left is the Goliath, then the first purple figure is maggie, then behind her is wraith and Daisy. The little squares all around them is the mobile arena!

She’s drawing me another picture with the other two monsters in higher detail right now :smiley: I can share them with you if you guys like!

(Sorry for the slightly deceptive title)


This is truly awesome!!

Props to your sister! :monster:


This is the cutest thing I have ever seen! Tell her it is awesome! <3 So adorable!


sad fact she draws better than me (22) with 5 years :cry:

But nice, keep it up girl :wink:


I hope you cover her ears when Hyde talks about his flamethrower. :flushed:


Awwww! So adorable!


Why can’t I hold all these feels!?


Plz nerf pink goliath, too op. But seriously, she did a fantastic job! 10/10.

EDIT: and 2 monsters in the same arena? Way too op.


Im 23 and she trumps me aswell even my stick people suck


Awwwww… So cute! <3 Too bad my sisters would rather throw my #Xbone out the window before they watch me play a match of Evolve… O_o…


But wai? ;w;


Idek, unkown reasons…


Lol thats awesome. I love how they have boxing gloves on.


Because its an Xbone lol #consolewars. Sorry couldn’t resist