Detailed Discussion of what "Ranked Play" should look like


Hello all,

I wanted to start this post by saying that I know there are other posts about this topic, however, I wanted to, hopefully, get an answer from a developer and also start good conversation about what “we” as a community want to see in ranked play.

What we would like to see in “Ranked Play”

  1. ABSOLUTELY NO Match Balancing - AT ALL - EVER
  2. Have a separate ranking system solely for Ranked Play
  4. Show location on Map of Elite Buffs (making it less random, and more of an objective)
  5. Random Selection of Maps and Game Mode Types
  6. The ONLY Leaderboard - Preferably using an ELO based system - (1 Overall (including every hunter and monster) and one for each hunter and monster specifically, and one for each class (medic, support, assault, trapper))
  7. Having the competitive aspect in Seasons (Garnering new skins, appearance items, titles, etc for each season)
  8. Spectator Mode (absolute necessity)

My explanation for each point:

  1. Match Balancing would ruin Ranked Play and having an ELO based system will do a MUCH better job at having a player play in the correct difficulty
  2. Just like there are 40 levels in the game, there should be a separate ranking system in place for Ranked Players to have something to do. Currently, once you get all of the Hunters and Monsters Elite and are level 40, you are out of things to be working toward
  3. This seams like a no brainer, however, it is not implemented in the game at all right now and would make a huge improvement in gameplay and enjoyment. Why force someone to play Hunter or Monster if they don’t want to
  4. This system is horrible for consistent and objective play. It is very random if you find the buff that you want and when you want it. Now, I understand that most of the buffs seems to appear in certain areas considering they are confined to a monster type, however, allowing the monsters and hunters to see where the buffs are will provide another strategic thing to consider for both sides and will allow for a lot of fun for spectators to watch
  5. This will ensure that all maps and game types get played and will prevent the Hunters from ALWAYS getting to choose the game type
  6. The ELO system is a proven way to assess skill. ELO is exponentially better than the current system in place just based on who picks up the PS4 controller the most
  7. This would just give another reason to play (not that one is needed.) Will be fun and give some bragging rights and something to jeer about
  8. This is pretty self explanatory, and will be incredible for the should I say, “sport.” This would allow tons of players looking to improve to watch the players who are the best and will allow people to just enjoy the strategy of Evolve

Would love to hear other opinions from fellow players and the DEVs.




There should definatly be tournaments or ranked play that give badges skins etc


I agree with most points if they were implemented, but some would require a significant amount of work from TRS and would likely take a few patch cycles to achieve. Separate queues for monster and hunter players is a great idea though, I hadn’t thought of doing it that way. It would change the setup now of a continuous lobby post-match, to a single match by match play through. So there would be little chance of a rematch occurring unless no one else is queueing.

I don’t agree with elite buffs being on the map though. I find it adds to the skill requirement for a good monster or hunter team to be able to spot and remember where buffs are for specific engagements. Adding them to the minimap makes them too much of a focus. I wouldn’t be mad if there were no elite wildlife in ranked play, but I think it makes the matches more interesting than unbalanced.


A dev did say that they were working on building a separate matchmaking for each class, for the ranked matchmaking. So you should get that one.

Hunt is most likely going to be the one used for competive evolve as it is the one that they’re mostly gonna be focused on balancing in respect to it
That being said a way to cycle the modes would be great

They said that they don’t want any exclusive content, so I can’t see them making skins for tournament winners

Also seeing where each buff is would make it a lot easier to track the monster, because you could instantly see where they are by what buffs are disappearing.
Making monsters not want to get the buffs isn’t good game design


Do you have a quote/link for this?


No, it was a while ago so it’s buried in the forums somewhere under all the new posts and threads


i´d like the idea that buffs are shown on the map WHEN you have actually seen them. Last location spotted. The system right now is just memorizing certain spots and going there.