Destructive Creations Brings us "Hatred"


Possibly the most controversial game since Manhunt 2. On the surface it appears you’re outright murdering people, but really? It is my contention it’s just brutally-honest in execution, implementation, and storyline - treating the trailer at face value, and for me that makes it a Day-1 purchase (esp. so long as the devs refuse to allow it be censored or anything).


The gamepaly kinda looks boring, tbh…


Oh well.It’s all nice stepping grandmas and killing everyone in GTA or killing whoever with much gore in any other game as long as that guy is bad.But this game gives you the bad guy to kill good guys so it’s not a good game.Those people who think video games can turn you into a psychopath or something are just idiots.My point of view at least.But yeah game seems a bit boring.


At least Manhunt had a story and structure, this just looks like Psychopath Massacre Sim.


Killing for the sake of killing…no. Zombies, thugs/self defense, and wartime, are one thing…but killing because of the love of mayhem? That’s just murder. It looks like a pointless-driven murderous rampage game. I don’t play games like that.


I can see what they’re trying to do from a marketing perspective. Obviously this type of game will make the rounds on gaming news sites, and if it gets picked up by the “all gamers are closet serial killers” crowd, it could make some regular news headlines. However, it’ll be a brief spot in the limelight, only to be forgotten in a week. The gameplay looks weak and there doesn’t appear to be a real story/motive. Thus, the brief marketing firestorm will quickly nosedive into the truth: it’s a shallow and lackluster game that doesn’t deserve anything but a couple bucks during the Steam Summer Sale just so you can say you played it.


I think that while we’re ok with killing random pedestrians in games like GTA is because that isn’t part of the main narrative. It’s something that happens when you get bored or want to shake things up. Having it be part of the main narrative seems like a very ballsy move. That being said, I’ve never been a ‘I’m so bored I’m gonna kill random pedestrians’ type of player and so this game doesn’t appeal to me even moreso.


I think you describe that perfectly.


Naaah… this is just lazy-make-some-quick-money-game imo. No chance I’d pay for it.

The weird and comically ironic thing with games like this, is that - I’d actually enjoy playing a game where you go really deep and explore the mind of an actual mass murderer or serial killer or whatever. Not for the murder-part, mind you. But for the disturbing, scary crap you could do with it if it’s all based on real knowledge about these people from real life.

And btw… blaming mindless violence for serial killers in society…? Serial killers are more often than not anything BUT mindless with very particular reasons and/or mental illnesses/traumas in the trunk. So… yeah.


this game actually look pretty cool hope it comes out for consoles