Destructible Environments


I’m curious about destructible environments. With all this weaponry and an impending large beast rampaging thru the forest I would expect the environment to take some damage. But you can’t have everything, so I inquire.

I know fully destructible environments, while awesome, wouldn’t be very feasible. Both in technology, and level design.

I did notice in a video the creature smashing thru some huge vent, but that seems very specific, and likely the creature can only go thru specific spots in buildings. I didn’t notice any of the game’s flora taking damage either.

So, questions.

Is there any further environmental destruction that was not featured in the current gameplay videos?

Can trees be knocked over?

Are those large vents the only destructible environment props?

Can the humans destroy those vents? Not sure why they’d want to, but is it possible, maybe by accident?

Any plans or thoughts on making the creatures apparent rock hurling ability require an actual rock in the land’s terrain? Or will this be more like the tank from L4D, and he/she/it can just grab a stone from any location on the map?

Can the stone hurling break/destroy anything else in the game other than the enemies?

More to come most likely.



well since it’s on the cry engine i think some of the trees will be destructible, i am not sure for the rest though


QFT, engine is hugely important in this discussion. I’d look at what other CryEngine games have as “potential.” Especially the Far Cry’s of the world, given the similarity of a jungle environment.


Destructible Environment was so last gen. Leave that physics mess to the games that end up being a mess, and let Evolve actually evolve into a tight, fun shooter, that’s already juggling it’s fair share of unique traits.


Well the ground certainly is “destructible” if the Goliath can pick up pieces of the ground and throw them at the Hunters, then yes. :wink:

Also, I do believe reading about these plant types that emit a sound when Hunters or the Monster are near them. But I guess they don’t count!


If there were to be destructibility, it would probably be best to have it at minimum, not in the sense which would distract players from the game. There could probably at least be bushes and grasses which go flat as you trample over them, similar to that in Far Cry 2. However, it would be interesting if some of the destructibility changes the behavior of the ecosystem.
For example, if you slay a crap-ton of carnivorous animals, the population of herbivores may increase, leading to an occasional decrease of vegetation. That would be interesting. It would give immersion a kick in the pants. I believe that Cd Projekt Red is doing something like that in their upcoming Witcher 3.


Would be kinda funny to see a monster falling off a tree because it couldn’t carry the weight.


destructible objects could make this fun BUT you cannot make things too much complicated ! it would be very confusing. all these kind of random game changers define the competetive side of this game!


LOL, hate to be that guy that revives old threads, but i was creating a one very similar to this, and it just popped in. So here we are.

My point is, i’m pretty sure, that all the 12 maps are already defined in what is going on on them, so any implementation of new ideas are possible for new DLC maps/modes. Ok, here we go.

What about some Idea of destruction that can be performed by stage 3 monster only. In a way, Stage 1 and 2 of a monster the hunters are hunting it, and as soon as he levels up, they pull back and defend objective. Why not make it harder for them. How about on some maps, have some caves that when left untouched can be used for shortcuts to traverse the terrain either by monster stage 1 or hunters. When Monster is stage 2 he would have to go around or on top of it - delaying him - it would in a way create a safe haven for hunters and probably be abused to hide, but that’s where stage 3 comes and it allows monster to destroy it and killing hunters instantly. That would be something to think about.

How about big gas containers, some volcano that when destroyed releases either lava, or poisonous gas that would create penalty zone for hunters if walked in. That would either drain their health, disable some abilities. How about some cages that when destroyed will release some wild animals, that will attack hunters. Those buildings/caves/other natural structures, can be destroyed by either stage 3 monster and/or by stage 3 ability. Maybe they could only be destroyed by melee attack or ranged attack - depending on structure. There is already some implementation of it - at least it was in Alpha, but don’t know if could discuss it here.

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This could either destroy matches or make them amazing. I feel that it could be abused like in BF4 when everyone zergs the tower to drop it for the novelty instead of using it tactically. If used correctly though it could add a huge dynamic for Hunters/Monsters to consider.

Edit: Anyone else picturing a giant water wall rushing down the river on The Dam towards enemy hunters?