Destiny The Taken King question

Hey people, so I noticed that you can’t purchase the expansion without the other two. Now the problem is, I really want to get back into Destiny by buying The Taken King, however, I have neither of the other expansions an they are still pricey as hell. Does anyone know if there’s going to be/is already a dlc bundle that doesn’t include the full game? Or even just a price reduction on the previous expansions?

As of now, I have very little money and my 18th isn’t till November. It also doesn’t help that it’s damn hard to get a part-time job that fits with me being in school 5 days of the week. It’s a pain.

Thanks in advance!

That’s bullcrap it looked like a really good expansion too

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The cheapest I can find is a £54.99 bundle that comes with the full game too. Sucks like.

I don’t see the hype for destiny I played a demo of it and thought the controls were so sluggish,game just looks like bullet sponges for enemies


I don’t play destiny I want to, but did the other expansions increase the level cap? maybe taken king was made for a cretin level you can only get to if you have the other two dlcs

And people complained about Evolve’s DLC, and Fallout 4’s Season pass.
Yet not a word is said about the precious Destiny because of Activision.


Yes both previous dlc raised the level cap and this one raises it even higher. Although they removed the year grinding for level to be maxed out which is nice.

You didn’t actually need the expansion to get to the higher levels, just took a bit longer.

It’s actually a very enjoyable shooter. That’s why I want to get back into it. The story was pretty bad but the actual gameplay and mechanics were great IMO.

The taken king has a lot better story than the main story. Better cutscenes, too.

Destiny The Twekin Kang Cutscenes OP PLZ NARF!!!

But yeah they changed Destiny in so many ways it’s hardly the same game anymore like how it was with Evolve and their updates changing so many things.

Granted I’m sure it’ll still consist of spongy enemies but oh well. If they weren’t spongy then they’d be too easy.

Although I hate fighting minions more so than the boss in a “boss” fight.

I hope destiny comes out for PC soonish like before the second half of 2016.

You can buy just the expansion for $40, so it’s cheaper but not by much, and you don’t get any of the bonuses for buying the option that includes the full game

*destiny 10char

Where did you see this? I’m on Ps4 btw.

Yep, it’s brainless but nowadays it’s what people prefer :confused:

The official Destiny site says that it’s on the PS Store

Hmm, i’ll have another look, thanks for the heads up man.

Can’t find it on the UK store, there’s only a £54.99 bundle, a £74.99 bundle and “Destiny: The Taken King digital collectors edition” which is unavailable apparently (I think it becomes available if you have the other expansions).