Destiny showing how it's done?


so I’ve just noticed destiny is doing a free trial( I think its for this weekend) and after that you can get the game for a % off (this is on xb1 btw) just saying you know…maybe something to think about for this game?. I mean I’ve downloaded the trial for destiny and I had no intention of ever getting the game. never know it may even lead to me buying it.


Destiny has been out for quite a while (8 months), Evolve has been out for 3 months.

I think it’s a good idea, but I wouldn’t expect it before the 6 month mark.


Destiny was my biggest disappointment in gaming. It was the first midnight release I ever went to as well :frowning:


I never bought it, but I agree that it was a disappointment. I expected a lot from Bungie, but the beta fell flat for me.


Boo @ Destiny…Yuuck


UGH. Destiny. I hyped that game, played it for maybe 3 days and stopped. It’s god awfully boring lol. Lack of story, lack of content, repetitive missions, I could go on and on. I wouldn’t get it if I were you. Of course it depends on what you like.

Do you like grinding? What about boring gameplay? What about a story that doesn’t exist? What about next to no content with all guns looking the same? If yes, get it.

Do like a lot of guns? Do like a 4 player co-op campaign (including splitscreen) with an actual story? Do like a humorous game with a lot of content/variety and cool NPCs? Then that’s what borderlands is for. No NPC is memorable in Destiny. Even the small things count.

I can’t tell just how many times I’ve had to defend that stupid ghost thing while it hacks some device.

Sorry for the rant. I had to get that out lol. A free trial would be great for Evolve, but i wish it would just go free to play. Then my friends would get it lol.


yeah I can’t really comment on wither the game is good or bad until I try it. point being I probably never would have tried it if it hadn’t been for this trial. perhaps they need to do something like this with evolve to show everyone how awesome it is. (even just the free trial weekend would bring in a lot of gamer’s imo)


It was a good game. From a completely objective standpoint, it was a good game. Solid 8/10.

BUT- with the amount of crap people had shoved down their throats, everyone expected soooooooooo much more. We all thought it would be amazing, incredible, so when it turned out to be just a good game, everyone was disappointed.

It isn’t as bad as it’s been made out to be.


Destiny had many flaws, but its biggest was not properly managing its hype. People expected so much more. If they had downplayed its hype a little more I think it would’ve faired better. It’s also pretty repetitive which is helped by the fact that you can make three different characters - helps it feel new again. I logged many a hour before Evolve found my heart and I can say I don’t regret a single one. I also ditched it completely not long after Evolve came out and I haven’t looked back. Also don’t regret for one second. Except I never did find the Necrochasm - that motherfucking Crux eluded my grasp week after week. :unamused:


I played Destiny since day one, untill Evolve came out, then I stopped entirely. I played Evolve for a good 3 months and that was it… Then I came back to Destiny.

You have to admit that the devs of Destiny are good at supporting their community, giving them a stage, a voice, etc… Deej is doing an amazing job. They give weekly updates, FireTeam Focus, patches, etc…
Bungie created a base for a very interesting universe. And it is growing slowly.
There are weekly challenges, daily challenges, challenges that come and go (Iron Banner for the PvP crowd). For PvE there are fun things to do, Raids primarely. But once you hit that wall and don’t know what to do anymore… Same as in Evolve…
Yet Destiny can expand that universe, create more MP maps, different guns; armors, new classes, create new story-lines, new PvE areas’s, new challenges (Trials of Osiris, Prison of Elders), etc…
And Bungie is doing exactly that.
The game is growing, and each step forward adds to the sum. They expanded the vault space, are getting rid of commendations ==> this shows that they listen to the community and are experimenting with certain game mechanics. Not all of them work great.
As a new gamer to Destiny, there is so much to do, you wouldn’t know where to begin.
Is it the game they promised, Not even close, but is it fun? It sure is. Bungie mastered the FPS mechanics with Halo and it shows and feels fluid.

I love Evolve, don’t get me wrong, I just hope they find a way to flesh out the universe, to keep adding more.

And pls, don’t give me the “it’s only out for x months while Destiny is out for x months”, that’s not even the point and you know it.

For the lots of flaws Destiny has it does a lot of great things to provide the player with whatever they like to do.
Evolve is a different type of game and is incredibly difficult to balance out, but they should find a way to flesh it out… expand on the great thing they got going. Lure in players before they are gone forever. I stopped playing and as of yet have not found any need to return.

I loved the game, bought the monster and new hunters, bought some skins to support the devs… for the moment i’ve had my fill.


A couple of free weekends and a price drop would help the PC playerbase.


I could take your post point by point and say why I disagree with almost everything you’ve said, but instead, I’ll just give a few examples.

I actually think DeeJ is kind of terrible and the fact that they have no mods on those forums has created a pretty toxic environment. The weekly updates they provide are rarely very informative and are generally just praising the community and giving of vague information. TRS on the other hand have pretty clean and friendly forums, a way to talk to the devs one on one and plenty of info in the Telemetry thread and things.

As for events, outside of Queen’s Wrath, the ONLY event Destiny ever does is Iron Banner and that’s pretty sad for a game masquerading as an MMO. Evolve on the other hand has been doing weekly community events as well as app challenges.

The things you mention about DLC are almost all applicable to Evolve. They have and probably will continue to drop new maps, modes, characters and weapons.

At any rate, this is all just a difference of opinion, of course, but I strongly dislike the way Bungie is handling their game and I largely like the way TRS is handling their game.

To th OP: PSN had a demo of Destiny a few months after the game’s release and I believe it’s still available. I think Evolve could totally benefit from a demo. I personally love them and use them to decide if I want to buy a game as much as I can.


GASP How dare you!? DeeJ is the all knowing genius being who once said that Destiny had infinite content because every new player that bought the game was new content for you to beat! LMFAO!!


It is not a good game, it is an awful game with great shooting mechanics. They are not the same thing.


I was fine with the beta.
I was not fine with me buying the beta after the release.


Yeah I can’t stand the community of destiny anymore. so I left that game entirely.
Can you talk to devs and mods so casualy there as if they were your friends? or drop into games with them?
No it is a toxic community with one mod who once tried to bribe a troll into stopping his trolling was by making him a ninja.
bungie never listens to its community.
TRS does, hell if we asked them to name one of there next characters a certain name they probably would.
We already got to vote on behemoths name and I am proud to be behind why he is named what he is.


Destiny set a new benchmark on the following

fps accuracy controls on console. It gets close to mouse and keyboard.

Structuring your gaming week: doing the nightfall on tuesday and then capitalizing on the 20% xp bonus throughout the week till next tuesday to upgrade your weapons

Shared world experience: facilitating joining up with randoms, drawing strangers together via seamless pub events and the social sphere which is the tower. And seeing others roam the world makes even playing alone feel less solitary. All you do in this game, even competitive multiplayer, counts towards progression and you can use your favourite loadout anywhere!

Making loot meaningful: In borderlands you quickly stop caring for your guns because theres always a better one around the next corner. Via exotic weapon bounties in Destiny the good guns are really here to stay and you find yourself telling a friend “you know for this Thorn I killed 100 guardians with void damage in the crucible” There’s no other way of getting it. So showing off this gun in itself is a sort of achievement and people will respect you for that when they see you wielding it from afar.

Finding that sweet spot where diversity of content outmatches repetition: There is simply enough content so that your circular gameplay works: If you play strike 1-5 after 5 you already feel ready for 1 again.
Which all boils down to Quality over Quantity.
Because quality of content fosters replayability better than sheer quantity does!

What I didn’t enjoy:

you could say it is your granpa’s game: Some afterdinner farming with no skill required. You fall into robotic farming routines. Big big flaw: enemies don’t level up in previous areas, making them riciulously easy pray for farming. You find yourself at the wrong entry of the hive fortress because you confused mission x with mission y.
Addiction is proactively fostered by the game design: reward sounds when and visual feedback when turning in quests or getting a kill in the crucible are subtle but intended means to mess with your brain, to make your brain crave that sound.

The raid: No matchmaking and if you don’t have 5 friends and care to make an “appointment” and reserve 2 hours or so you won’t be able to see a considerable and central part of the game.

Basically who plays a lot gets a lot. Even a ten year old can get max level in Destiny and all the exotics. It doesn’t require skill so much as fucking patience.


Too much RNG
and I liked borderlands way of doing it once you got maxed level you started getting gear you don’t leave behind.


Infinite. To all those who played Bioshock Infinite they will know that “infinite” isn’t necessary a good thing and who saw the ending might have taken it as a hint at the abysses opening if gaming takes the route down to “infinite replayability”.

Pool billiard has infinite replayability. Then again, pool billiard isn’t a video game :wink:


Yeah true, but you didn’t get an acquisition story to tell beyond “I searched a pile of skag poo and out plopped this legendary item” or “i won my best gun at a fucking slot machine.”