Destiny: Rise of Iron Discussion Thread


I figured this expansion is big enough to warrant its own thread for discussion, so here we go! Reveal stream was super hype, and the trailer looks absolutely amazing. Thoughts?


What’s the price tag?


It’s confirmed to be $30, but both Destiny and The Taken King are required.


Hmm, that’s not too bad. I’ll probably pick it up later this week as a preorder. I’m currently really enjoying Destiny, besides the horrendous PvP, so this going to be worth it.


No new power, not worth it :stuck_out_tongue:


PvP has always been a mixed bag for me, but the better PvE content (especially the raids) are an absolute blast.

I’m still skeptical about the return of Gjallarhorn though :stuck_out_tongue:


I expect that the lack of new subclasses is the reason that the expansion is $10 cheaper than TTK. The new explorable areas, the raid, and the new enemy type are cool though :smiley_cat:


I actually dislike the raids, or at least did for a while. I hated how the only way I could get to the max level was through them, and how I couldn’t get a random group of people off a search to do them. I still can’t do it with randoms, but I can do other stuff to get to max level, so it’s a lot more enjoyable.


The most recent update to the game did a good job of offering non-raid alternatives for the endgame. It’s true that raids are much better with a group that you know and play with often; I personally find that going into a raid blind with a few friends like I did for King’s Fall is the most fun I’ve had in Destiny. Can’t wait for the new one :smiley_cat:


wait, you pre-order a 30$ DLC? I feel that this is a bit of a cash grab.


Really? I generally don’t like preorders but $30 doesn’t seem that bad for something that’s more of an expansion than just a DLC.


Why pay 30$ for something that should of been in the game in the first place?


Why should it have been in the game in the first place?


a good story

more classes and abilities

more strikes

more enemies (old ones got boring after a while.)

also, a character with personality.


All of these are things that add content to the base game, which was already expansive. Rise of Iron has more story, at least one new strike, one new race of enemies, and no new classes. The Taken King (which released last year) overhauled the story, making it coherent and actually pretty funny. The volume of content in Rise of Iron is big enough that you can’t really criticize them for not giving it out for free.


Honestly, unless I upgrade my PS4’s memory this year I won’t be getting it, in fact I already stopped playing Destiny altogether because I have other games that I’d rather have coming out soon and the 40GB is needed for those.


I want this expansion for sure but might wait for the price to drop.


is it included in season pass?


It is not included in any kind of season pass, no.


Destiny just seems way to over priced for me. All those DLCs and buying the game when new if you did is way too much money.