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Hey fellow forum friends! The purpose of this topic is to discuss all things about Destiny and help each other through missions if need be. Also I think it would be great to bring the forum community together :slight_smile:

If any of you guys have Destiny and need help with any missions add me on PS4. I’m sure you guys will help one another as well.

PSN ID List:
Ziekky - ESH-WhiteOut
Plaff - Plaff_
kyronr600 - akumasxrage11

(Private message me your PSN ID and I will add you to the list above.)

Just got Destiny for the One

Sorry, there’s already a topic covering this!


This topic is mostly about helping one another and playing with or against each other in the game! Not so much a discussion like the other topic :smile:


Well, this topic is called " Discussion/Help " but the other one pretty much covers what you say this topic is for… I don’t think we need a specific Destiny topic for specifically helping each other, it can be done on the ( already ) populated thread. I guess that’ll be up to the moderators though!


@Plaff @SlinkyGuy What do you guys think?


It’s almost exactly the same topic lol.


I don’t see what’s wrong with this. The other topic’s for general discussion. It’d be nice to have a way to arrange to play with other people from the forums.

My PSN username is “Plaff_”

I don’t mind helping people on missions if they need it :slight_smile:

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level 24 titan here. getting to 26 for epic raid time. after that im not sure what i will be doing lol. crucible fights with 30s are a PAIN. shottys have fusion rifle range. and every motion they do gives them a shield for something (punching, reviving, sprinting, sliding.) still winning most matches. my friends do skirmish mostly.

akumasxrage11 i think is my tag haha


So my boys and I have been playing for the past couple weeks and I must say the post 20 grind is a bit discouraging.

My lvl 20 hunter with nothing better than some rare gear and weapons, and seemingly no way to get legendaries outside of endlessly grinding Vanguard missions. (My 44 year old reflexes make Crucible an exercise in futility.)

Any sage advice? Or am I done with this game?


hmm. weekly heroic and daily herioc strikes will give you armors you will need most of the time i think. set the difficulty higher gives higher drop chances. it didnt start to really slow down until 22. then it took awhile. but once you get your first light gear you most likely will have most of the materials to upgrade it. so just wear it and level it up to gain more light. then rinse repeat when you get stronger stuff.

Btw win or lose in the crucible you get gear. in fact i argue that losing and having lower stats gives you HIGHER chances to get the loot. cuz im always on top and i dont get much lol. also keep doing bounties thats how you get exotic weapon bounties and those take FOREVER.
the handgun was mission modes, 2 sets of crucible bounties, a hidden boss on the moon strike, and i havent got past that yet. and thats just to unlock it.


Ah, see when I went in and played in the crucible, I got completely owned, and I didn’t get any loot at all.
Which made me even less inclined to go back and try again. I read that you get stuff even when you lose, so that was why I gave it a go, but alas, left empty handed.


Yah it becomes a long sort of unrewarding grind after level 20. Do not get me wrong I like the game a lot and the game did a lot of things right, but they make the grind to leveling up light to difficult and redundant. It is to much left to chance rather than me earning it in a meaningful way. The only reason most people got ranked up was through farming drops early on before the patch came out. I would maybe wait until the queens wrath missions come back which could be soon or months away. That was where I got my first purple gear and the only way I was able to rank up and then play the raid. It is frustrating I know. They did talk about a patch coming out that may make the process easier because so many players have complained which would be good.


that patch already came out. purples will now automatically give legendary or higher, but also motes of light (these are a must to upgrade exotic gear. but higher level missions and strikes have higher chances of loot now.

same here tho the queens wrath was the easiest way to boost up. I went from 22 to 24 after that event.


Yah I have not played in a while. I am stuck halfway through level 29 and need raid gear from the hard setting to hit 30, which is impossible without a team of 6 who know what they are doing. And since there is no matchmaking that became extremely frustrating to do. Like I said I enjoyed the game and will most likely get the DLC due to playstation getting a ton of DLC, but it is frustrating in many aspects as well.


I have not gotten to do the vault of glass yet. no one i no wants to grind through to get tot 26 and do it with me. Ill end up signing up on the websites and stuff but i havnt been in a shooter mood. mostly fighting games and league. evolve didnt help either cuz the monster was amazing lol. I havnt turned on destiny in quite some time


You don’t get something after EVERY Crucible match by any means, but play 5 matches and I’d be surprised if you didn’t get something at least twice. That said, your chances of getting something REALLY good after a Crucible match are fairly low, so PvE is probably a better way to guarantee you’ll get the gear you want (well, at least for the stuff you can buy from vendors).


that was the longest grind to me. choosing a faction, buying the cloth thingy, then instead of crucible marks you level up this thing. takes FOREVER. I finally finished dead society. and luckily i had the 50 crucible marks needed to buy the peices available. still gotta level it to 3 for the helmet even tho i got the queens chest and helmet which are proly stronger. but that grind was ridiculous to be able to buy a matching set of gear.


Yeah the post-20 grind can be discouraging. Do daily and weekly stuff (and the higher level you can do it on, the better the reward) for a chance at good gear. And do Vanguard strikes for Vanguard marks, which you can use to buy pretty good purple armor at rep level 2. If/when you do start getting Crucible marks, consider picking a faction (I like Future War Cult because their armor focuses on Intellect and Discipline) and getting to at least rank 2 so you can buy their armors.

In the end, though, Destiny post-20 is a grind no matter how you slice it. I enjoy the gameplay so the repetition doesn’t bother me TOO much, but I definitely wish there was more content in the game.

Oh, and if you ever get to level 27 or 28, I highly recommend trying the raid with a group of buddies (or people on If you’re on Xbox One I’d be happy to do it with you if we play at the same time, but as a mid-30s father of 2 myself I’m not sure how likely that’ll be! But yeah, the raid is probably one of the most interesting, challenging, and rewarding parts of the game. It’s a shame not everybody will get a chance to experience it.


The grind is pretty bad, but doing bounties speeds it up a lot. Bounties, daily heroics, weekly heroics, and the weekly nightfall all are great for getting rep. Doing patrol missions is okay, but pretty darn slow compared to those other things.


how many exotics bounties have you guys done? Im doin the handcannon and I gotta kill the hidden boss on the moon strike (some wraith?) and it actually unlocked a secondary strike thing. but im still not done with it yet