Destiny 2 Official Discussion Thread


Welp, I decided to start over. this time I am going Titan. I did all the quest available to me, but I rushed through it so much I actually didnt enjoy the game much…

This time… slow easy, master the game.

edit 2 days later :: This will be the third time i do this quest… hopefully the game doesnt crash again.
Edit 3 :: it crashed again… (lost servers issue)


wow! you know how many times I can wiggle out of the map without really trying? a lot.



Where is that? Titan?


Yeah, its on my second character and I did all the current stuff on Earth. So it was time to go to Titan…

You start off in a room and have to make it up and far… well the way I was going wasn’t updating and the path wasn’t opening so I started to explore. I went backwards through the level to the other side (thinking there would be a way to top travel more easily) and I used my jump jets to get up the ledges to the top… I was running across the top and poof I fell into the geometry. I actually had to jump out to to reset.


Wow lol. That’s pretty cool.


I got the Sleeper Simulant after ages of it sitting in my inventory collecting dust.


TFW you are finally strong enough to do the Last Wish raid, but your Xbox Live Gold sub ran out a month ago.


I found a lot more exits out of maps if your interested.

(I always try and get where I shouldn’t )


Jumped back into the game for the first time in a while to get The Last Word, weapon is still fun and satisfying af


Yep. I don’t have it, but it sure looks beastly.


The new striker bottom tree super is probably the best add clearing super in the game now. I went for 5 minutes without running out of super and I only ran out because there were no more enemies to kill. Plz don’t nerf Bungie.


Never mind to this. Cataclysm Nova Bomb+SDA is the best add clear super now. I don’t know the exact count, but I think 8 adds will recharge 85-90%, if not all of your super. This thing is insane.