Destiny 2 Official Discussion Thread


:rofl: that’s actually hilarious



I finally decided to make a warlock with the character boost. Dawnblade super is actually really fun, quite surprisingly.

I also got the huckleberry from Xur; it was one of the exotics I actually wanted.

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I like shotgunning lol…

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Tiny, god already knows I hate the install issues with Destiny 2. But for reals. I am going on day 3 on that damn 16gb download and fighting install errors like never ending initialization, download 3.45gb at 0.0 kbs ect)
I’ve done all the tricks dangit… ok ok…

side note for @SNOWKISSED & TRS, never have massive 16gb download files. that’s just a pain for the end consumer. (this is not a fact, this is my own personal annoyance)

Edit :: its been three days, and im down to 2.8 gb left… that means it went down a gb in the last couple of hourse. hazzah… but will it finish? stay tooned caped crusaders.

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I used to love shotgunning… run slide and shoot , then jump up into air and shoot some more. maybe a quick melee .

wither way its quick and dirty.



wow… finally installed… I cant wait to see what this new version does.

plays overwatch

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That was a joke lol

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lol well I cant deny the fun it offers…



So I take it the game is giving everyone level 43 items?

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Do you have forsaken?



all i have is the base destiny 2 they gave out and the patch that was just released



Well…you might as well scrap that gauntlet now. You’ll never be able to use it without buying forsaken.


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While it could be very monumental for Bungie and Destiny, there are definitely issues here.

First, I guess I’ll start with the positives:

  1. Much, much more freedom on Bungie’s part. They can do basically anything they want, and it’s not limited by Activision’s business-minded grip.

  2. Reduction to possible elimination of micro-transactions.

  3. They are not as pressured to make money, but can deliver content they and the players can enjoy for more reasonable prices.


  1. Probably the only and worst thing that will result is less funding. Activision gave hundreds of millions for this franchise. Although they cause problems, Activision still provides the money for any Destiny game Bungie can even create and advertise. However, there have been interactions with Bungie and Microsoft that may result in a partnership, which could fix this issue.

I know I ain’t some business dude, but this is stuff anyone can pick up.

I am really interested though. Bungie can do good stuff, obviously. It was just that the good stuff they could do was limited. This could definitely spice things up, especially for D3.

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Does Bungie Own Destiny 2 though? or has it become an activision brand.

Personally I am for the break up. Bungie has had quality issues since the very beginning of the relationship…



Bungie now has full rights over the Destiny brand. Or at least will have.

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Well that’s a positive note in my a notebook. Of course now we will see if all the garbage from D1 onward was really activison or not.



Lol the people I find in this game are infuriating. Why are so many people terrible at gambit? There are literally 3 rules!

  1. Don’t hoard motes, and bank if you can get a blocker.

  2. Don’t invade if you suck and don’t grab heavy if you’re not gonna invade.

  3. Don’t die in stupid situations. ie. confronting the invader with motes, crowd surfing into trash mobs, etc.

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So I thought loaded question would drop at 600 power…oof.



My first Tigerspite drop and its a High Impact Reserves+Under Pressure. Oh yeah, I also got the dreaming city sparrow on my first Oracle Engine completion :slight_smile:. I genuinely feel bad for people who still don’t have the dreaming city Ghost/Sparrow/other cosmetics :slight_smile:.