Destiny 2 Official Discussion Thread


I’m not sure if it is a downside or positive for the game as of right now.

The whole point of this annual pass is for a long, enjoyable experience for 1 year. This new forge activity isn’t supposed to be some easy breezy campaign. It makes sense to grind a bit before starting this, as it is endgame content.

However, those who are not the most hardcore of players might take a long time to reach this level, so it could be weeks before they experience this new forge activity.

(Note that i don’t have Black Armory yet, and I’m purely basing my thoughts off of what I’m hearing).


Even with all the new auto rifles in the game, Origin Story still remains to be one of the best.


Bungie just set their own record for fastest time to change something in Destiny 2 (I think).


I dont like people who quit on you when you have agreed to play.

I was literally halfway through a strike and the guy just left without any reason.

He just said “I gotta go”. Really annoyed.


Wow so the new raid was beaten…2 hours ago? Um…well this is certainly worrying.

I’m pretty sure that is less than how long it took Leviathan, which is pretty strange.


Tried charging the forge the other night before they adjusted it. It was pretty much impossible. Looking forward to having another go now that they have made the adjustments.


Remember how they said it would be longer than a raid lair but shorter than a raid? It honestly just looks like a raid lair with like one or two more encounters…


…that would make it fall under what they said…


I got a twilight oath with opening shot and dragonfly. Dragonfly is pretty fun on snipers. I also increased 10 power levels in a weekend yeet. I’m now 532.

I got this weird DC bounty that told me to kill enemies. After 30 minutes, it still read “0%”. :thinking:

Oh yeah fun fact: when you zoom in with guns (especially those with long zooms like scouts and snipers) and you have a resource detecting/chest detecting ghost, you can see mats/chests from far away.


Sometime they hide a specific location in the text of those bounties. Like “in a strike.”


Even a Dreaming City one?


Or it could just be a bug. Hahah. I missed that DC stood for Dreaming City. :crazy_face:


Can’t wait to start playing this again when I head home for the holidays. Haven’t even touched the Reef DLC (Forsaken, I think?).


It’s really really really fun. You have to invest a lot of time to even do everything available to you every week. The Dawning is also live, and it’s not pay to get gear like last time.


Awesome, looking forward to it. I head home on Monday so I’ll have full access to my Xbox for a couple weeks. I’ll start working on it this weekend at the game lounge.


I mean… The option is still there for you. Unless you’re lucky it’ll be awhile before you get all the gear.


Baking cookies is actually pretty cool. I like the effort in these holiday events.


Honestly this is the most fun event Destiny has ever done imo. The haunted forest was just kinda boring and wasn’t really hard it was just fake difficultly where they just added more and more health and modifiers. Plus going across the system collecting ingredients is fun but I do think they might need a very slight drop rate raise. The only problem I have is having to bake 70 or so cookies for the sparrow. That’s like, 70 heroic strikes. It’s really annoying and was starting to feel like a chore after the first 12. I know there are other ways to get essence of dawning but public events give to little and I hate PvP in this game. Not to mention Gambit has lost its charm to me.


I am confused, how come I’m able to unlock the Black Armory w/o the season pass?


You’re not. You get up to Ada then they tell you that you need to buy the season pass.