Destiny 2 Official Discussion Thread


Since Xur was selling the Wormhusk Crown with hands on rolled with it, I have decide to come up with a build.

I basically call it the “Max Sustain Hunter”.

You’ll be running top tree Arcstrider with Wormhusk Crown on as well as Gambler’s Dodge. Like that’s it. Punch enemies to regen health and super energy, Dodge near enemies to regen melee and health, melee kills grants health and super energy, charge super.


I got the Edge Transit God Roll lol (rangefinder+Rampage).


What’s the fastest way to upgrade those “kill X amounts of enemies” catalysts?


The Black Armory looks really cool. I’m so excited to see that new exotic bow and the sniper.

I don’t wanna be too confident, but a team of that sniper could prolly take Riven down faster than any gun.


The Loaded Question quest is going pretty well. I’m a good way through the kills step. It’ll prolly take me 3 weeks to get.


So how is the new 18gb update?


Not sure. I didn’t really notice much, as the content hasn’t dropped yet. However, there are two new weapons to chase: Loaded Question (legendary fusion rifle found by doing a strike quest) and The Mountaintop (legendary grenade launcher found by doing a crucible quest).

On an unrelated note, I like how your guardian is literally the most powerful being in existence besides the huge raid bosses, but for some reason, you carry out the Vangaurd’s dirty work.


So how was your week?

Oh you know… The usual… Yesterday I had to go kill a few dregs who were stealing some stuff but earlier today I just had to slay a god. Simple really.


I got two pretty good crucible weapons: a sniper with firmly planted and moving target, as well as a fusion with under pressure and high impact reserves.


I friggin love Trust.

I have a roll with steady rounds, Opening Shot, and Zen Moment, and this thing practically has its stability maxed out.

Oh yeah, I got my third Forsaken Era exotic, but guess what? It was an Actium War Rig.


Field Prep is actually surprisingly useful for shotguns. It isn’t the best perk ever, but it has its uses, especially since shotguns have the worst reload speeds of any gun type.


I love Destiny 2. Forsaken dragged me back into it. My biggest problem with this game has always been difficulty in finding an active and consistent clan/group of buddies to play with.

My older son has pretty much taken over our consoles and I never get any time on them so I play on PC. PC doesn’t have as robust of a community as console…or so it seems. Which is unfortunate, the game plays great on PC. Wish the game has cross platform play.

Most of the roadblocks I experience in D2 is due to a lack of folks to do Raids and Nightfalls with. I have not done any of the raids in D2. I have exotic quests and various bounties that are sitting in my inventory rotting because of a lack of buddies. Gambit is amazing fun, as long as you’re on a team that knows what they are doing…playing with pubs all night generally means losing all night.


First of all, Xbox or PS4? I mean your son.

Also, to address your point about lack of groups, there are a number of LFG sites that are quite active. I’m sure if you are high enough level, people would love to join a session for Last Wish or whatever it is you want to complete.

Same for Gambit. It’s much easier playing with mics, and you’ll frequently get good players on both sides of the playing spectrum (PVE and PVP).

Gambit is the most rage inducing thing in the world. Whenever I run with randoms, I always get teammates who don’t care if you die and just go pick up notes anyway. Other times there are people who are saving up for a Large Blocker when the bank is literally 2 motes from being full. Then there is the crowd surfer who doesn’t seem to understand that PVE enemies can actually melt in this mode, even the low tier trash mobs.

Surprisingly enough, I have a decent win record for Gambit.


I’m kinda holding my breath for Destiny right now. Today is basically its make it or break it day for the whole Annual Pass concept. If Black Armory bombs in the coming week or two, the whole year could quite possibly be a failure.


Yup, I also love the guys who just camp on the bank waiting for blockers to appear. :expressionless:


Personally the only problem I ever had with Gambit was both Sleeper and the final boss (forgot their names). Sleeper because of how much aim assist it had before a patch. I’m not sure if it’s fully fixed or not. The the bosses because when I played if we were ahead and the enemy just got their boss they suddenly have a huge buff and gun down the boss. So naturally that should happen for us as well right? Nope when the enemy got their boss first and we got ours a little later we weren’t getting as big of a buff that the last games enemy team got. So we lost that game. Honestly it’s what got me to stop playing Gambit. I haven’t played Destiny since I got the thunder lord but if I have enough Christmas money left over I’ll probably buy the season pass and play even though it’ll probably be a waste in the long run since even Forsaken didn’t last me as long as I hoped it would.


Now it’s the queenbreaker that’s dominating Gambit. If you thought sleeper had too much aim assist, then you would not want to step into gambit now.

I’ve literally seen people get headshots when they were aiming at an enemy’s chest.

This issue got fixed. Trailing teams only get one stack of Primeval Slayer now.


Yup and the people who somehow lose more motes than they deposit after a match, the no kill invaders, the duel the invader with 15 motes kind of people, etc. I could literally list all the terrible gambit habits people have for years on end.


I’m anxious to hear what folks think about Black Armory.

I’ve been reading an article saying that it really is meant for players who have reached max light and that if you’re under 600 you’re gonna have a hard time until you’ve caught up.


Someones been eating their vegetables and drinking their Vex milk

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