Destiny 2 Official Discussion Thread


Yes I will probably just direct my questions here. I know to finish the story stuff first. It would help if I was a little more invested in it though. Right now I don’t really care too much.

Cade is pretty much the only character people really like lol. Mostly because of Nathan Fillian.


Ok, you know what just happened? I just did my first strike missions where people actually act like a team. It was really fun. I was feeling the exact same as you but as you go the game gets better. The strike missions will my main stay I believe.


I don’t have a lot of time to play, but love the game. Just don’t expect anything on raids, though. I’m not a raider at all.


A while back, I saw an nKuch video where he basically tried to promote the “sniper body shot+handcannon headshot” strategy. Well now I can actually give this strategy a good shot. I now have a Waking Vigil with Zen Moment+Snapshot Sights.


They asked a gun that’s similar to Suros Regime in D1 so I suggested the D2 Suros Regime.


I know. But I’m just telling her there might be better exotics she could be hunting after. Also, she doesn’t even have Warmind…or I don’t think she does.


BTW, some people don’t care at all about whether or not a gun is any good. They just care if it’s fun to use. Myself included.


My aim is shit.

Btw, I can see why people hate Telesto in PvP now. It MAPS people.


I just saw the advert that I can get my thunderlord back! yay, I love the heavy machine guns, (although I am getting kinda sneaky with my sword) now I just have to finish the story to start the fetch quest.

I just drove a bunch of tanks… if you remember that part how much further do I have?

edit:: also, what I liked about the Sauros Regime is that it had two modes of fire and I loved that. Plus It had just the right control for me to slaughter people in crucible.


You better hurry. Thunderlord will be moved into random exotic engram drops after the 27th.

Not positive, but you have 3 more missions I think.


I thought Thunderlord would be dropped as a 600 power weapon, but my highest level power weapon is a 516 Bad Omens (Snapshot+Quick Draw, why) so I haven’t gotten the chance to use it much.



Good job! Now go wreck havoc upon your enemies!


The three new pinnacle weapons (vanguard, crucible, gambit) just got revealed. Here is my take on a possible Last Wish raid pinnacle weapon:

Cursebreaker (I know cheesy name)
Aggressive Frame Rocket Launcher (same archetype as stuff like Curtain Call and Bad Omens)
Perk 1: Cluster Bombs (rockets explode and leave behind several smaller bombs)
Perk 2: Unforeseen Destruction (Cluster Bombs explode one after another, and each Cluster Bomb will deal more damage based on wether the previous Cluster Bomb hit a target or not. Cluster Bombs also have a smaller radius).

What do you guys think? Too bad? Too good?

I just thought it would be cool for the raid to finally have a pinnacle weapon in D2.


You know my very first Exotic I got was a sleek pulse rifle (1 shot trigger pull) that when it kills an enemy they explode into void cluster grenades. Even though it started out weak (still is) I have become proficent in dealing damage, hot swap to the cluster effect gun (will get name for you when i boot the game up) and get that FINAL 2 shots in.

I love the cluster effect… but for the second perk you should make it be upon death spawns new grenades from dead body.


Graviton Lance is extremely good. You just gotta hit your headshots.


Guys possible god roll nameless midnight?

Moving Target+Explosive Payload.

Oh yeah, another god roll?

Proelium Fr3 with Liquid Coils, Under Pressure, Rampage, and Charge Time masterwork.


You sure know your equipment.

Then I was like… You know what I miss also about the regime? the seeing the radar while scoped… then I checked my inventory and low and behold…


I suggest that you pick up the Luna’s Howl and Redrix’s Broadsword quests from Shaxx before the season ends (Nov. 27th). Shaxx is the guy who looks kind of like a viking with his horned helmet.

I would also recommend that you join a good clan because those provide weekly benefits that give gear and perks for certain activities.


@Kathryn_James do you plan on getting forsaken?

How are you liking the base game?