Destiny 2 Official Discussion Thread


lost my first crucible match due to being a backfill at end of a game… grrrr


Yeah that is pretty annoying. Sometimes games turn around though.


In D1, the Surosexotic was my fav weapon… any recs?


Do you mean SUROS? Or am I mistaken?


She prolly means Suros Regime.





…well have fun scrapping after you get a lot of legendaries :stuck_out_tongue:


Sooo… in crucible are weapon levels not augmented so they contain their full power levels? I have a bunch of purple things now and I can somehow scrap guns to make them more powerful…

Just wondering… sometimes it seems like im shooting cooked peas at people and they just look at me and I die.


In normal PvP, this shouldn’t happen. Power is disabled in Crucible. There could be a couple reasons why it’s happening:

  1. Your trying to duel in ranges your gun isn’t suited for (ie: handcannon in mid-long ranges, auto/pulse rifle in long range).
  2. You’re playing iron banner, where power actually does matter.

Also, I would recommend using your purples as they are simply just better.


I got a Better Devils with Drop Mag+Threat Detector+Kill Clip.

Also a Pillager with slide shot+Kill Clip

Also have a bad omens with Auto Loading Holster+Quickdraw.

Huh was the bug fixed?

EDIT: I don’t get why people are complaining about the queensbreaker and sleeper in Gambit. Wardcliff+catalyst is prolly more annoying than both combined.


I like the game. The flow of it for me is a bit confusing though. Well not so confusing as disjointed…


Suros Regime


That was it! ^.^ I loved that gun.


Yes that’s the gun I’m recommending


Here are all guns I recommend playing for:

Bygones (Gambit random drop; an absolute beast in all game modes)
Go Figure (4 burst pulse rifle that is very strong and sporting very good stats)
Luna’s Howl (3 tap handcannon that, when used properly, is nearly unstoppable in PVP)
Not Forgotten (a variation for Luna’s Howl with better range, both of them are extremely hard to get for the average PVP player)
Trust (Gambit handcannon with great stats and is great with pretty much any perk rolls)
Dust Rock Blues (has the best range for a shotgun in the entire game)
Mindbender’s Ambition (very strong PVP shotgun found by doing a hard mission and RNG)
Retold Tale (Random drop shotgun found in Forsaken’s endgame world)
Play of the Game (Most famous grenade launcher besides the Edge Transit, which is also good, and infamous for its ridiculous random drop rates).
Telesto (a fusion rifle (a gun that fires a burst of high powered lasers) that has a delayed explosion and is always a one shot when 4 at least of your lasers hit)
Inaugural Address (pulse rifle that fires more like a laser beam, considering how stable it is. I also has one of the best perk combinations in the game, outlaw+kill clip (fast reload speed on crit kill+bonus damage after kill reload), making it a true top tier weapon, even with random rolls in place)

WHISPER OF THE WORM (THE strongest heavy weapon in the game; capable of EXTREME levels of damage and is the reward for an extremely hard mission)
One Thousand Voices (very powerful gun that fires a beam of delayed explosions and melts most bosses like butter; probably the rarest gun in the game right now, as it is the reward for an extremely hard raid, currently completed by like 8% of the world, I would like to say. On top of that, there is a hugely small chance of getting the gun at the end of the raid, because it is essentially a lottery game)
Ikelos Shotgun (VERY STRONG shotgun; highest DPS of all shotguns in the game. This is a must (or HIGHLY recommended) for most PVE activities. Found by defeating Escalation Protocol Boss on certain weeks)
Sleeper Simulant (This is still, I would say, the king of gambit (a hybrid PVPVE mode, very fun), or at least until more than like 5% of the playerbase has One Thousand Voices. It is capable of eliminating any player with one body shot in Gambit and also deals very high damage to bosses. Essentially a mix between a fusion rifle and sniper rifle (otherwise known as linear fusion rifle)
Tractor Cannon (very strong shotgun that provides a damage buff of up to 33%? percent on targets. Great weapon for boss melting)
Midnight Coup (one of the strongest year 1 handcannons and still dominates in PVE activities. It rolls with outlaw and rampage, granting faster reloads on critical kills and a damage bonus buff that stacks on kills. Found by doing the Leviathan Raid)

Other Notable Weapons (weapons I have come across that I enjoyed using):
Sunshot (powerful hand cannon that causes explosions on kills; capable of causing huge chain reactions of solar explosions)
Graviton Lance (previously the strongest exotic in the whole game. Just like sunshot, kills cause large detonations. Base damage is also very impressive)
Riskrunner (SMG that has the ability to never run out of ammo and provides defensive bonuses to the user when the user takes arc damage. This thing turns in to a murder machine under certain situations)

Updated my old list with Inaugural Address, Tractor Cannon, and Midnight Coup.

I don’t even have a lot of these.


Suros is outclassed by many guns. It can be useful in certain situations where staying alive while slaying is key, but TBH, you can get legendary auto rifles that are simply better since they can get damage buffing perks.

The major letdown is that it’s an exotic, and we all know there are some incredible exotics in the game right now.


Guess what happened today.

I got a BLACK TALON and a WARDCLIFF CATALYST from a normal strike!!!

I’m gonna die rn.


So like a lot of people I got Destiny 2 because it was free recently. I made it up to the farm and met up with my sister, but, I haven’t found much motivation to continue unfortunately. If I have more spare time I might keep going but it’s just okay so far. The music is the best part so far imo…


For me I like the crucible I blame D1 for that and its lack of story. In D2 the story is a bit scattered but at least its there. (love Cade and I can tell, comedy relief is gonna die) What it seems like is you must grow through the story in order to be competent in the crucible. (super spams and all that)

But do what Tiny Pickles said above and just focus on the RED marked missions to get the story then go back and do the fillers. It is more interesting that way.

The Sauros Regime was my favorite weapon in D1 even with its nerfs because I loved its alternate modes of firing.

Tiny is a berth of information if you have any questions. They are the resident expert in the game.