Destiny 2 Official Discussion Thread


Was it? I thought the bundle wasn’t going to be out until around now so you had a window period to say you were a veteran or something like that… I’m talking about the bundle where it’s still $40 for all three.


Hr’s right, it’s been that way for about a month now. You had to have bought it before then to be considered a veteran.


I might just be extremely stupid, but in the “Awakening” mission, where the hell do I find Petra? I was looking all over the place in that big room but never found her. It it a glitch or something? (I’m talking about that big observatory where you see her ship parked outside). Don’t tell me she is like standing right below her ship and I just didn’t see her at all.

EDIT: Are you fucking kidding me it’s a bug. 2 months and they haven’t fixed it. Wasted 10 minutes trying to look for her well rippity rip rip rip.

EDIT 2: So apparently people needed to restart the mission 3 times in order for it to work properly? -.- . Fix this stupid bug bungie.


The bullshitty thing is, I bought both of the expansions before Forsaken even came out, and I’m not getting the rewards I deserve simply because I can’t get games whenever I want.


@Kathryn_James how are you doing in the story so far? I can give some advice if you need any.


I will be playing my next mission soon… I get kinda drained now so I tip toe into it atm. But I did record my first run though. I like watching how I improve.


I hope there is a strike one too.


It’s not really bullshit. It wasn’t really for veterans but for the people who bought Forsaken bear release and taking that “risk” or whatever. Besides the emotes will be coming out for everyone later.


I just noticed the Cerberus+1 is a origin story with 3 extra barrels duct taped to the gun.


It also has bits from the Khvostov 7G-02 from Destiny 1


Is it just me, or does Collections feel kind of useless right now? Sure, it is a neat feature to check out all the gear you have collected, but lets be honest here: most of it is shit. The only valuable gear (other than some really good year 1 guns) is year 2 gear. I don’t get why reacquiring random gear shouldn’t be allowed.

Sure it might become cheap, where people will just continuously reroll their extremely good shotgun so that it has good perks, but honestly, who cares? It saves time. Also, if it really came down to a matter of pride, it could be that stuff like nightfall exclusive and raid stuff could be locked like it is now.

I think the only concern even with this in place is that the the easier content like crucible and gambit will lose popularity after everyone has a curated Bygones and Bad Omens, but I think those activities are now fun enough and have enough challenges related to them that they will be able stand on their own.

It just kinda confuses me, ya know, when you have a tab that is supposed to let you pick up old gear when you need it, but a third of the gear is not available to reacquire.


It matters. I don’t know if you played Destiny 1, but anyone who played PvP in that game can tell you how awful infinite cheap rerolls on guns makes the gameplay. The way it works now is the only way it should work.


Well then if they’re not gonna rework the collections tab, at least they should remake infusion into what it was before. Current infusion costs are ridiculous.


Sorry for the double post, but the site is bugging out. can you explain masterwork weapons to me? How come masterworking from 1-9 doesn’t give any bonus stats? Why only level ten?


Ah…with all the new forsaken snipers, Alone as a God is still the best for PvP.


I got an exotic at like level 10. Is that normal?


What is it called?


Let me look. I’ve grown a little since then but it’s a chest plate that amps my staff ult


Yeah that is normal. Raiden Flux.


That’s it. But I did just find a sword 8)