Destiny 2 Official Discussion Thread


In my very biased opinion, it is sunbreaker. Sentinel is a tank but its super doesn’t do much good besides in PvP. It has very good sustainability though, and a skill tree for it gives you the ability to gain health on melee kills. Pair that with an exotic armor that buffs melee hits and you’ve got a really tanky Titan.


Beat the campaign…got some good guns…feelsgoodman.


Just realized this was happening, it is very serious:


Yeah, that’s the one I’m using. The Overshield is nice too, however, I haven’t done anything particularly difficult yet - only EDZ strikes.

And idk why but I don’t really like Sunbreaker. I’m not sure why. I think the grenades are really cool but the Ult and the skill trees just don’t really stand out to me. Maybe I should give it another try.

I got some gauntlets that store energy on melee kills and release it in a damaging burst if I take a melee hit. Really great for clearing out waves of Thralls or War Beasts, but it doesn’t seem that useful outside of that.


That exotic is probably the shittiest Titan exotic you can find :stuck_out_tongue:. I would look for the synthoceps. They grant increased melee and super damage when surrounded by enemies which pairs nicely with the sentinel subclass actually, since the kit is mainly focused around melee killing anyway.

Except it has the best DPS support ability in the game that isn’t a super.


I have a misfit with rampage+stability masterwork. Holy crap this thing is good. It’s literally a mini gun but is much easier to control than the Sweet Business. I killed the Machinist with this only.


Which ability is that?


On the top tree, the first ability is a charge melee ability (after sprinting and building up speed, you charge forward a short distance and hit an opponent). This applies a debuff on any enemy it hits that makes them take 50% more damage from all sources (i don’t know the exact numerical value).


I have a 10 paces with quickdraw and rampage.


The fact that leveling up further, and increasing light level is locked behind a paywall is a real turn off. I’m gaining light level very, very slowly now, and the fact that I go only go up by another 30 at most anyway is really demotivating. :confused:


Well I mean, quite frankly, what did you expect? They have to make money somehow. Not trying to sound rude here but, this is basically what Destiny is about. This was their model from the start and honestly, it’s not completely unfair. There is no point in extra power levels since the hardest stuff in vanilla D2 only goes to 300 power anyway.

Well, that’s the point of a grind, right? That’s not even as hard as the current grind. The Forsaken soft cap is at 500 and the hard cap is 600 meaning you need to grind a 100 power levels to become max level and attempt a lot of endgame stuff.

There’s other stuff to do though. That is the point of a game like Destiny. Even when you’ve “beaten the game” and reached max power, there are other activities to grind for and weapons to obtain. For example, Luna’s Howl is the best PvP gun in the game and is available for you to get.


Other games have more reasonable models and make plenty of money.

And that’s why I refused to get the first one. Only got the second one because it was free. Its just really bad practice.

Of course, but when grinding doesn’t make a difference anyway, it doesn’t really instill much confidence.

Eh. I’m not so much of a competionist that I would grind individual weapons. I had hoped Strikes would be a little more challenging and rewarding, or that there would be more of them.

Idk, I just don’t think Destiny is for me. Kind of reached the point where there isn’t a whole lot of fun left in it for me, and I’ve only been playing for a week.




Almost done with the dreaming city. Just need to do the ether extraction event and the story mission, and I’ll have the Dreaming City.

I got a Misift with zen moment+under pressure+stability masterwork. Is there anymore synergy that can be in a gun?

EDIT: Oh yeah I reached 10,000 triumph points. I know it’s not very good but whatever just wanted to say that.


10 Paces is prolly my favorite legendary hand cannon now. Headshots feel crispy and satisfying, sort of like the feeling when you get crit kills with energy scouts. Rampage makes this gun insane and capable of huge damage numbers. I’m only slightly disappointed with it since I got a quickdraw, which doesn’t seem to do much, but I feel like I got a very solid roll overall.


The one gambit match I played today, my team literally mobbed the invader and punched him to death :stuck_out_tongue:. He was so confused it was actually pretty funny.


Sp i just finished the 1st quest. (Meet hawthorn) and i walkes out of the quest with all sorts of blue engram rewards. Is getting engrams that easy now?

Also. Its nice to know stickuly grenades and melee attacks are still solid.
.is it me or does it seem like hipfire is the bettwr choice?

Weapons I liked? Sniper rifle. Auto shotgun and my knife.

Still though this is a fun game. Now i juat need to get the forsaken add on (or is that a nee release?) And i will bw set.

Oh hunter class. And. Are the shaders consumables now?


Everything but exotics (gold engrams) drop like candy once you are the appropriate level. Exotics have like a .003% chance of dropping in normal activities. You wanna do stuff like high score nightfalls or raids if you want exotics.

Yeah Forsaken makes it a lot better.

Yep. They can drop as open world items from chests, they can come pre-applied to your gear, they can drop from difficult activities, and they can also be purchased/earned through the micro transaction store called Eververse.


I’d wait to get Forsaken until it’s bundled with the two other DLC’s for free as I’d make it a lot cheaper.


It already was…like a month ago…