Destiny 2 Official Discussion Thread


Well the servers are still down for me.

I checked the outage map and it seems like people are having issue… (especially the uk)

13 hours later… still no server connections


Ah yes the classic Bungie servers! I remember in D1 where’d I get into the game only to get weaseled. You never know true destiny pain unless you’ve experienced getting weaseled during anything you do. I’ve been weaseled during nightfalls, raids, strikes, PvP… yeah the D1 servers were horrible.


Not sure what weaseled means in this case…
But I have tried many things with no avail. So I am just going to have to be patient i guess.


Weasel was the most common error code because it was the error code for being disconnected to the server. It happened so much that it because a kind of meme, at least with me and my old friends. When someone would get disconnected instead of saying I got disconnected they would usually say I got weaseled.


Can someone explain why when I get a Legendary armor piece from an engram that the base stats are always terrible? I don’t get it. They look badass and have nice perks but their armor rating is 10. What’s the point of them?


I found a fix and posted it on the bungie forums

here I am…


Did you get it from the eververse engram (the microtransaction shop, called steadfast engram). If so, those always drop at 10 power. I wouldn’t recommend infusing them until you are max level. Maybe not even then if you plan on getting Forsaken.

Also, do you play on Xbox @SedoUmbra


Nice. This gives me memories of my hunter when I first started.


Yeah, I did.

So this is the only use for them?
Well, I have 2 characters at level 20 and don’t plan on getting the DLC.

And no, I play on PC


If you don’t want to buy the DLC’s, feel free to infuse whatever legendary armor you don’t like that is at max power into them. Make sure they are legendary armor pieces. Otherwise, it’s gonna cost you a ton of masterwork cores.

Some other general advice: Do daily/weekly challenges, as these typically reward powerful gear and are your only shot at random rolled gear since you don’t have the expansions.

Xur, a gear vendor returns tomorrow. He sells the top tier exotic weapons so keep an eye out for him.

When you are at an appropriate level, start the Leviathan raid. A couple notable weapons on there, including Midnight Coup and Alone as a God and Sins of the Past. Others are just meh weapons.


I have a gun called the Vinegaroon lol.


Sooo I was doing what i think was the first quest (I did some things in the demo that carried over)

quick question… are spawns of enemies infinite? The first quest was meet some guy on top of a church and the area near him was non stop monsters.


In open world exploration, yes. In missions, not always. Sometimes missions will have you defend against a horde of enemies, but once you kill enough enemies/ghost finishes hacking/you simply last long enough enemies will stop spawning.


I might have a possible 2 tap handcannon. This isn’t my gun, but check out that impact stat:

The reload on the gun is shit though.

EDIT: I’m so desperate for some good handcannons.

Remember this year one hand cannon?



Really wanted to have all of my Guardians using a different damage type with their abilities, but I’ve fallen in love with the Void Walker Warlock and Nightstalker Hunter, so idk what I’m going to do. Haven’t even played a Titan yet.


Those are arguably the best subclasses in vanilla D2.


I’m now officially 500 power yay.

I got an opening shot+rampage cut and run from the free prime engram from Rahool. I also have a rapid hit+triple tap sniper from the gunsmith.

I also hate sreebs god damn those little dumb scorn bugs.


The rifleman is such a pussy. Always just runs away when you make a move towards him with your shotgun. I can’t even get a melting point+shotgun hit on him before he just teleports away. #Worstbossever.


Let’s see if I can make it to 550+ before Black Armory drops. That’ll be a pretty good accomplishment. I estimate a good 4 hours or so this weekend…~3.5 next weekend…~3.5 next weekend…another 3.5 maybe…and maybe 2 more weeks with 3.5 each. Does this seem reasonable? Hell nah but im gonna try anyway. I swear if I can get 50+ power levels in 22 hours imma delete my Titan cuz I’ll be so happy.


What’s the best Titan subclass? Again, I’m leaning towards the void subclass (I think it’s called Sentinel) but only barely, unlike with the other classes, where the void subclass was by bar my favourite.